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How to choose a Corgi?

As one of the most popular pet dogs, the number of Corgi dogs that want to be fed is increasing. So we will pay attention to a difficult problem at the beginning, that is, how much is a Corgi dog? The price of a Corgi dog ranges from several hundred to more than ten thousand, but the quality is different, and there are many factors that harm the price. For example, the following elements.


1. Corgi’s variety

The price of a Corgi dog, which has won the super heavy competition prize, is more than 20000 for young dogs and 10000 to 20000 for adult dogs. This kind of dog’s bloodline and quality is guaranteed. The Corgi is not very good in race, bloodline, and quality. It is generally above 5000. According to the color of their coat, they can be divided into two kinds: two-color Corgi dog and three-color Corgi dog. The two-color Corgi puppies include white and yellow, dark white and yellow, and light white and yellow. Tricolor Corgi dogs have two kinds of coat colors: yellow head tricolor and blackhead tricolor. There is no good or bad difference between the two kinds of fur colors, but generally speaking, they are two-color The price of a Corgi is higher. Generally, the price of two-color purebred Corgi puppies is about 3000-4000 yuan, while that of tricolor cocky puppies is about 2800-3500 yuan. According to the specific types, the prices will vary.

2. Purchase method

(1) Dog peddler
The quality of most dog dealers has a great safety risk. Generally, there is no birth certificate or pedigree certificate. The price of this kind of Corgi dog is about 1000 yuan, while the price of those with the birth certificate and the pedigree certificate is more than 2000 yuan. But now, with increased demand, prices have gone up a lot.
(2) Individual breeding
Purchasing from individual breeding households can ensure quality in a short period of time. In addition, it is also a matter of luck. If you choose the one with good physical quality, you will have a high probability of planting. If you pick out the one with a poor physique, you will only be able to recognize it. If you have a relation with the seller, the price will be able to be more cost-effective. If not, the price is generally in the range of two or three thousand, and there are more than three thousand.

(3) Regular Kennels

Corgi, which is purchased in a regular kennel, has quality assurance. Most of them will show the after-sales service. It must be safe and at ease than the first two. Naturally, the price is much higher. It is widely around 5000, and the price of the match grade and cost-effective Corgi is generally over 10000.

3. Region

Due to the different level of economic development of each big city, and the different rare level of its corgi dog, the price is also different. Generally, the developed areas are more expensive, but the less developed areas are very rare.

4. Age

Generally speaking, the price of Corgipuppies is higher. The price of better puppies should be at least 3000 yuan. Among them, the price of Corgi puppies in three months is more than 10000 yuan in more developed regions. Older cocky is more cost-effective than puppies. Naturally, it’s not necessarily bloodline, quality, or race dog.


5. Gender

Although it is said that Corgi will be more beautiful than Corgi in appearance, the price of female Corgi is several hundred yuan higher than that of Corgi because it can breed. On the whole, the price of a corky is generally between 1500 and 15000. There is no need to be too surprised at such a big difference. If you have to keep it, you can choose according to your own working ability, and eventually, you will pick the one you love.

6. Common problems in feeding Corgi puppies:

(1) When a young dog comes into the house, the owner doesn’t have to wash it in a hurry. It’s very easy for him to worry and get sick. If the owner feels the dog is not clean, you can use a wet cotton towel to scrub it. The owner can give him a bath in half a month.
(2) The owner doesn’t have to give it pure milk. Corgi puppies are difficult to dissolve whey protein in milk and are prone to diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. If the owner wants to give it milk, can choose milk powder, because the dog is easier to digest and absorb the nutrients inside, and will not cause discomfort.
(3) You don’t have to feed too much. There is no concept of automatic control in the pup stage. After it understands the natural environment, it will eat as much as the owner feeds, and it will not be easy to digest and absorb when it is full of food. Therefore, it is suggested to feed with less food and more meals, and the main food for feeding is suggested to choose a better dog food, such as this kind of dog food below, which contains a variety of meat food, matched with vegetables and fruits, rich and balanced nutrition, to ensure the happy growth of dogs.
(4) It is not necessary to take out the Corgi puppies who have not done a good job in epidemic prevention and pest control. Because young dogs have poor resistance at this time, they have a high risk of infection.