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How To Choose A Corgi Puppy?

The short legs of Corgi make it very cute to walk. Because of this characteristic, a great number of people like this little guy. But many novice owners want healthy Corgi puppies, so you must know how to choose a corgi before raising it. This article mainly introduces some precautions for novice owners when choosing Corgi puppies, hoping to be helpful to the majority of Corgi lovers.

Corgi’s health

When choosing Corgi puppies, you’d better not choose puppies that are too fat or too thin. These two kinds of Corgi puppies are more or less prone to problems in the subsequent breeding process. It is best for novice owners to choose puppies with a moderate size. Of course, this is not the only criterion for selection. You ought to take a look at the puppies’ body as a whole. When raising it, it is recommended to take Corgi out for exercise, which can strengthen the physique and do something training, you can properly reward some chicken jerky and goat cheese during training.


When choosing a Corgi puppy, it is best to watch the corgi puppies up close. If the anal glands of a Corgi puppy are smelly, or there is stool sticking to the anus, it means that the puppy is unhealthy and may be prone to diarrhea. If there are no stains on its buttocks and hind legs, then these puppies are healthy. Also, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the corgi’s light diet during feeding. It is best to choose a Corgi puppy that contains probiotics and some digested puppy food.


Corgi’s coat color

Corgi’s coat color is mainly two-color and three-color, and the back is mostly yellow or black, and the back is darker and gradually changes to light or white.

Two common colors are mostly yellow and white. According to the color of the hair and the main color of the head, they will continue to be subdivided into light yellow-brown white, yellow-white, and dark yellow-white. Three-color Corgis are mostly black, yellow and white, and can be further divided into black-headed tricolor and yellow-headed tricolor. Regardless of whether it is a two-color corgi or a three-color corgi, the color on the back can only be one, and there can’t be other colors (except for blue meteor). Blue merle (a mixture of black, gray, and marble is blue merle) with brown or spots, it’s okay.


Corgi’s Bib

The white fur that appears around the neck is usually called a bib. A good bib runs through the neck and is evenly distributed, but only on the neck and shoulders. If the white hair on the chest crosses the shoulders, it is a disqualification. The bib is optional and not very important.

Corgi’s white limbs

Corgi’s four feet are white, the front feet are white but not the shoulder joints, and the back feet are white but the knee joints.

Corgi’s overall

Corgi is white on the legs, chest, muzzle, lower body, the tip of the tail, and head. The white color of the head cannot dominate and cannot surround the eyes.

The appearance of a variety of messy and inconsistent coat colors on the back, any color other than the allowed colors yellow, mink, light yellow, black, and tan is also considered not one of the criteria for purebred Corgi with long-haired, fluffy hair, cryptorchidism, ears with obvious white hair, are not purebred Corgi puppies. However, the lanugo of the newborn Corgi will appear some gray, which is normal.


Corgi’s teeth

If Corgi puppies have yellow teeth or have a lot of bad breath, it means that the puppies used to eat soft food before. The health status of this type of Corgi puppies cannot be well protected. It is best for novice owners to choose Corgi puppies with bright white teeth and no bad breath. When raising, remember to prepare some rubber toys and hard molar snacks for Corgi molars. Frequent grinding can help teeth and prevent oral diseases.

Corgi’s eyes

Choosing Corgi puppies is mainly to watch the dog’s eyes. If the puppies have no eyes and there are tears or feces around their eyes, you’d better avoid these kinds of puppies. It is best to choose a dog with bright eyes and no feces.

Precautions for corgi feeding

  1. Corgi puppies should not be bathed immediately when they arrive home. Dogs have a stress response to a new environment. At this time, bathing puppies are prone to get sick, so that germs can take advantage of it. The best time to bathe your Corgi puppies for the first time is 7 to 15 days after they arrive home. You should also be careful not to use human shampoo in the bath, which may cause a lot of hair loss, and pay attention after washing. Dry as much as possible.


  1. As is known to all, Corgi is easy to shed hair. I believe that the owner has understood it before feeding, and the digestive system is not fully developed, and it is easy to have diarrhea after eating too much. Dog food is recommended to choose some low-salt, light, natural dog food containing probiotics for the puppies to grow healthier.


  1. Owners should pay attention to Corgi’s ear care. Corgi is prone to slumped ears. If the ears of Corgi are not standing, first fix Corgi’s ears, and supplement Corgi with proper nutrition and calcium, and take the dog to the sun.

To fix the ears, you could first fix the ears of the dog. Here, you can use some foam to make an ear shape and put it on the dog, but also pay attention to ventilation. After all, long-term lack of ventilation may breed a lot of bacteria, which will affect the dog’s ears.

You need to supplement the nutrition for the dog. Generally speaking, the erect ears of the dog are formed when they are young. Then, they must be supplemented with sufficient nutrition during this period. The nutritional supplement period is generally one and a half months to three months.

Proper calcium supplementation can make the dog’s ears stand up. You can add some calcium tablets to the dog’s food in life, or occasionally drink some bone soup for the dog, and then take the dog more when you have time. Owners could take your puppy for a walk outdoors in the sun, so that the dog’s calcium ions will naturally increase.


As is mentioned above, Corgi needs to grind more teeth. Non-grinding is prone to oral problems. It is recommended that owners choose nutritious and delicious molar snacks for Corgi puppies. The molars can supplement calcium, and of course, it can also be used for training rewards.