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How To Choose A Border Collie Puppy?

The Border Collie is native to the Scottish border and is a kind of Collie with a strong shepherding instinct. This kind of shepherd dog is intelligent, good at observing words and colors, and can accurately understand the instructions of the owner. It has been regarded as a shepherd dog for many years, ranking first in the dog breed IQ. It is also easy to train, and at the same time, it is also good at communicating with its master, gentle, loyal, and obedient. Because of his gentle and loyal personality, it has become one of the most popular pets among the urban population. However, the owner ought to first learn how to choose a Border Collie before raising it and how to correctly distinguish a purebred Border Collie from a hybrid Border Collie. This article mainly introduces some characteristics of Border Collie, hoping to help the majority of sheepdog lovers.


The eyes of a Border Collie

The eyes of the purebred Border Collie are relatively round, and very energetic, looking very smart. If it is a hybrid Border Collie, its eyes will be slender and the eyes will be melancholy. Therefore, when choosing a Border Collie, the owner is best to look at the eyes of the Border Collie, and it is better to select a healthy and active puppy.

The mouth of the Border Collie

The purebred Border Collie has a wider mouth, which is U-shaped. The mouth of a hybrid  Border Collie is narrower, showing a V-shape, but it does not mean that the longer the mouth is, the better the Border Collie will be.


The tail of the Border Collie

The tail of a purebred Border Collie will not curl up on the back. If the tail of the Border Collie curled up on the back, the Border Collie is likely to be skewered. Besides, the ears of the purebred Border Collie will not collapse, they will stand up.

The limbs of a Border Collie

The limbs of a purebred Border Collie and a hybrid Collie will be a distinct difference. Therefore, when choosing a Border Collie, the owner is best not to choose a shepherd puppy that is thinner with long legs. Besides, when raising Border Collie puppies, you need to add more calcium to the Border Collie puppies and try to feed your dog food with high calcium content, which can make the bones of the Border Collie grow better.


The face of the Border Collie

The cheeks of purebred border collie will be slightly curved, from the top of the head to the tip of the nose, there are sunken parts in the middle of the eyes. The hybrid Border Collie’s face will look straighter. It can be said that the face is also one of the characteristics of the Border Collie that distinguishes purebreds and hybrids.

Body type and color of the Border Collie

It is a better choice for parents to select their favorite dogs according to their body type and color, not to say that it is easier to determine the breed of the dog. It is because most people keep dogs for company. Therefore, it is more important to choose a dog with a similar temper as its owner. The Border Collie is slender and looks like an athlete who is good at running. There are more Border Collies on the market in black and white. Border Collie puppies are relatively round and not as slender as they grow up.


Precautions for raising Border Collies

  1. People who have raised a Border Collie must know that the Border Collie sheds hair seriously, so the owner needs to help the Border Collie groom every day, which can help alleviate the shed hair and promote hair growth of Border Collies, and also pay attention to keep a light diet about your dog. If your Border Collie eats too salty, it will lose more hair and even gain skin diseases. The owner is best to choose low-salt, light, nutritious, and healthy natural food for your Border Collie. Of course, a light diet is the best way to alleviate the Border Collie’s hair loss.
  2. The Border Collie has a high IQ, but it’s obedience is not very good, so it can’t do without the help of dog snacks when training. The choice of dog snacks is also particular, it’s a good choice to try to choose low-salt and low-oil dog snacks, preferably snacks that can grind teeth, which can help molar training, and can also help Border Collies beautify their fur.
  3. Food utensils for Border Collies. The owner ought to choose special utensils to hold food and water, especially Border Collie puppies. The special utensils are more durable and easy to use. These utensils should be cleaned frequently and placed closer to the Border Collie resting place. When feeding the Border Collie, teach the Border Collie to sit down. Generally, the Border Collie is more obedient when eating.
  4. You’d better pay attention to the coat and skin of the Border Collie. You’d better groom the Border Collie’s coat frequently to prevent fleas, ticks, and other skin problems. It’s a good choice to groom the Border Collie regularly and check some easily overlooked areas such as ears and folds to keep the coat healthy. Bathing the Border Collie can remove dirt and prevent skin diseases to some extent. It’s a good choice to use pet-specific shampoo.
  5. Cleaning of Border Collie teeth properly is necessary. Border Collies also need to check their teeth regularly. Checking from an early age will keep the Border Collie teeth healthy. It’s necessary to brush your Border Collie’s teeth and chew some bones regularly.


If the skin of your Border Collie is particularly dry or oily, it’s a good choice to consult your veterinarian. Also, you could give the Border Collie more time for outdoor activities. When the Border Collie is abnormal, it should be taken to the pet hospital for examination.