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How to care for Schnauzer’s hair coat?

Schnauzer’s unusual appearance and unusual hair are the main reasons why it’s so popular, so how do you keep the Schnauzer’s hair coat healthy? Let’s take a look together.

1. Declutter

We had better groom Schnauzer at least twice a day. We don’t need to comb it for long. we should just keep it smooth and unknotted. Because Schnauzer’s had double layers of hair, the owner had to arrange them layer by layer. We’re not allowed to brush its hair, it’s bad for the growth of its hair.


2. Get rid of the knots

Schnauzer’s hair is usually very easy to wear in the more parts of the hair, in the hair knot found, the host to help them as soon as possible to comb out knots. Usually from the ends of the hair to the roots of the hair, gentle posture, do not have to hurt it. If can not comb hair knot or knot is more serious, the master must use scissors to cut off the knot.

3. Bathing

The owners gave Schnauzer the same bath as any other puppy, one to two weeks in the summer and a few times a month in the winter. The owner can select some silky puppy-specific body wash for him, and after giving him a good bath, he must wipe or dry his hair. Since the dog likes to lie down in the soil or sit in the soil if the Schnauzer doesn’t dry it, it gets down in the dirt, and it knots very easily.

4. Schnauzer’s eating utensils

Schnauzer’s beard is long, and in addition to our regular grooming routine, we have to be careful not to get Schnauzer’s beard wet while giving him lots of water for his meals, so Schnauzer will be given a puppy specific water dispenser or Food Dispenser in advance, which will be reasonable to prevent him from getting his beard dirty when drinking too much water at dinner.


5. Get outside

The master wanted to take Schnauzer out into the sun in moderation. Moderate sun exposure promotes the digestion and absorption of good protein, as do puppies, and UV light has the practical effect of removing bacteria, reasonably repelling bugs from Schnauzer’s body, and making Schnauzer’s hair healthier and healthier.

6. Eat Right

In addition to Schnauzer’s hair care, we should also pay attention to Schnauzer’s usual diet. We in the selection of dog food, not only to fully consider the nutritional composition but also to fully consider whether there is a practical effect.

7. Training:

Master needs training the Schnauzer. Whether you’re playing in a room or outdoors, rewarding a puppy for a snack is the best way to boost your feelings throughout the interaction between the owner and the dog.