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How to care for a Schnauzer puppy?

Owners can use pet sheep milk powder to feed their newborn Schnauzer puppies. When Schnauzer is a little older, the owner can feed the dog food. Generally, the dog should be fed three to four meals a day, about 30 grains at a time. The dog should be soaked in warm water, and the water should not be too much. The feeding should pay attention to the regular and quantitative feeding, so as to form the habit of regular and fixed defecation.

The amount of feed should be flat after eating. Hunger will only make the dog dysplasia, and this will make the dog’s immunity is poor, easy to get sick. In addition, the owner can properly match with some nutritious things, such as cooked and salt-free beef, beef heart, pig liver, carrots, to regulate gastrointestinal function and increase appetite. In addition, if there are conditions, the owner can properly feed some trace elements, Meimao powder, calcium tablets, etc., depending on the economic capacity. The owner should not have too much water when making dog food, or the dog’s stool will be too thin. The main feeding time and quantity of feeding, and do not always feed snails, the owner must ensure that every day Schnauzer has enough boiled water, water can be put in the bowl so that it can drink at any time.

1. Watch the Schnauzer’s diet

First of all, we should pay attention to whether the Schnauzer puppies we buy or adopt are weaned. Of course, most of them will be weaned, but if they are not weaned, it will be necessary for their owners to give them artificial feeding, it’s important to choose the right formula for your pet dog.
For just weaned schnauzer puppies, owners will pay attention to the dog’s Daily Diet, under normal circumstances, about 2 months of Schnauzer puppies need to feed 4 times a day, owners can choose puppy special dog food, the best warm water bubble soft food. In addition, the owner can not feed Schnauzer meat, can be given to puppy milk.
For 21/2 to 3 months old schnauzer puppies, owners can slowly wet puppy food over dry food, let them slowly adapt to eating dry food, but also conducive to the development of teeth.
In addition, the main feed Schnauzer to prepare enough water, no matter how big the dog, water intake is absolutely not less.

2. Pay attention to Schnauzer hygiene

The owner of a new puppy can’t give it a bath. But after a week or so of observation, and after making sure the dogs are healthy, they need to be bathed regularly to keep their hair clean and free of parasites and other health hazards.


3. Owners should spend more time with Schnauzer

Schnauzer is a clingy dog who needs the company of his owner. Owners spend a lot of time playing with their dogs. The owner can talk and play more with Schnauzer, which promotes the relationship between the dog and the owner.

4. Vaccination

Every schnauzer puppy needs to be vaccinated, so when the puppy is ready to be vaccinated, the main thing to remember is to take them to the pet hospital to get fully vaccinated.