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How to care for a pregnant Samoyed?

Many owners who have raised a female Samoyed, because they think it’s cute, want to leave her some offspring, and will naturally want to know what to do about mating with samoyed dogs. But we also have to be careful about what we do with samoyed dogs during pregnancy. So, do you know how to take care of a pregnant samoyed? There are three stages of care for a pregnant samoyed female:


Phase I:

1-30 days is the first stage: the first pregnancy (about 1-2 weeks) of the female Samoyed to avoid strenuous exercise, easy abortion. Just make sure the bitch is fed at her usual level, and don’t add too much meat, eggs, nutrients, and food. Because the fetus is slow growing and very small, if you feed too much food, the nutrition will be absorbed by the female, which is equivalent to fattening the female. Bitches are fat and inactive, which makes them prone to dystocia.

Phase II:

31 to 45 days is the second stage: The foetus in the mother’s womb begins to grow. The most immediate change we can feel is the female’s frequent urination. If we used to walk the dog once a day or twice a day, add one or two extra workouts to keep the samoyed female in tip top shape. We also have to increase the appropriate nutrition, meat, eggs, yogurt, etc. must be small, dog darling absorb too much nutrition, grow too fast, the samoyed bitch will be difficult to give birth.


Phase III:

46-60 days is the third stage: we can see very clearly that the female’s belly is bulging. By the end of the day, we’ll be able to feel the baby rolling around in its belly. Make sure that the Samoyed bitches get enough exercise, and if the dog can’t run, we’ll take them for walks. The samoyed is like a hungry wolf, never enough to eat. We have to control the amount of food (about 20% to 50% more than usual is enough) . If we overfeed it, we’re killing it.

In fact, we must not give the samoyed a bath while she is pregnant. Taking a bath is not good for the mother’s health. If we’re going to give pregnant samoyed a bath, we have to be careful. For those dogs that are in good physical condition, we can give them a bath before they become pregnant, so that they can go on for up to three months. Then, when bathing a pregnant Samoyed, we should pay special attention to the temperature in the room. We should also wipe ourselves with a soft towel as soon as possible after bathing to avoid the dog catching cold. Finally, we give the dog a bath in the whole process, the movement must be gentle, especially when rubbing the belly around the female samoyed dog, must pay attention to the strength, do not try to hurt the dog too much.