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How to Care for a Pregnant Chihuahua?

Pregnant Chihuahua bitches need special attention. We must give the dog a diet with rich protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, For the pregnant dog with calcium demand, we should pay special attention to supplement. The kennel of the female dog should be well ventilated, keep clean and dry, prevent drought in winter and heat in summer. The mother during pregnancy is lazy, can not be laissez-faire, otherwise, the fetus is too large prone to dystocia, to force it to do exercise, this can be for it to save energy childbirth, but to avoid excessive exercise.


Here are some things to consider when caring for a pregnant Chihuahua:

1. In the first month or so of a Chihuahua’s pregnancy, we need to be careful about the dog’s rest for the next 30 days or so, just like in the first three months of pregnancy. We need to be very careful about exercise and diet, don’t overfeed because the dog is malnourished, it’s easy to overfeed the dog, the Chihuahua eats too little, and the nutritional needs don’t increase too much in the early stages.

2. A month to a month and a half, we can start slowly to give the dog energy, rich in protein, fat, vitamins, these are the dog must, we had better let the dog eat professional quality dog food. A newborn Chihuahua can eat small puppy food, and weaning a puppy is not a problem, as it is best not to have allergies during pregnancy. So we can not give Chihuahua milk, raw eggs, meat, chicken liver, and other internal organs of food.

3. During a month and a half to two months, the baby grows very fast in the belly of the mother dog and is about to be born, so the mother dog will eat more. We can give her more food appropriately, but not too much. I mean, Chihuahuas don’t eat much.

4. Food for Chihuahuas should be fresh and free of contamination, no spoiled food should be eaten, the food should be nutritious and the dog’s food should be easily absorbed, will not give the dog’s intestines and stomach caused by incomplete digestion and other aspects of the burden, for this owner can choose a special dog in pregnancy with special dog food feeding.

5. While Chihuahua is pregnant, we should limit her to vigorous running and jumping, although we should guide her to take appropriate walks, walks, and other activities. Because proper exercise also stores more energy for the Chihuahua, making it stronger and ensuring it can deliver healthy and normal pups.


6. When caring for a pregnant Chihuahua, we need to adjust our feeding schedule accordingly. Chihuahuas must be avoided if they are malnourished or obese. In the meantime, before the Chihuahua is ready to give birth, we should prepare the necessary tools in advance to ensure that the Chihuahua can give birth successfully. Pregnant Chihuahuas are the most in need of care in the family. Most dogs give birth to multiple children, so parents should adjust their diet, exercise, and mentality to ensure that the dog is well nourished during pregnancy, with the right amount of exercise, you can help your Chihuahua dog give birth naturally.