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How to care for a mountain cur?

How do you take care of mountain cur? Mountain cur is the best for working dogs. They are excellent hunters, herdsmen and protective dogs. Mountain cur will live entirely at home with the farm because they have great endurance and love to work. Mountain cur is still a good family dog, you really need to know how you should take care of it. Mountain cur needs a family that spends most of its time at home. It is very active, loves outdoor activities, and has enough home and courtyard space.

When taking care of the mountain cur, we should ensure the amount of exercise of the mountain cur

Mountain cur is a dog that needs a lot of exercise, which we should pay extra attention to when taking care of it. If you keep mountain cur as a working dog, they will run around from morning till night. It’s easy to fit the sport quota of the variety! The problem is when they’re not working, and you may want to rest, but they’re almost certainly not. So when you take care of the mountain cur, you have to take them a long way every day, otherwise they may become difficult to manage. One thing to consider is their appetite for food. If you walk your dog in a place where there are wild animals nearby, it’s definitely a good idea to use a leash. If you don’t use this breed as a working animal, expect to take them twice a day for at least 2 hours. This may be a walk and a training, such as agility or dock diving, but they need to spend a lot of time consuming energy, which is the time and energy you need to take care of the mountain cur. By giving your dog an energy outlet, you can prevent destructive behavior. Spend at least an hour a day doing the exercise your dog needs. Take him on a hike, go hunting in the nearby forest, or go to the nearest dog park. The villains on the mountain like hunting, swimming, especially running. These highly active dogs can easily walk or run more than 15 miles (24 kilometers), two or three miles more than a half marathon. This dog is not a city dog, either. City life is not in the nature of these dogs because they prefer open fields to narrow spaces. This active dog thrives best in a home with a huge, fenced backyard where they can run around and explore. If you live in a small apartment, you may find yourself with a boring dog. So when you take care of the mountain cur, you have to give it a wide space.

When taking care of the mountain cur, you should comb the mountain cur


It’s easy to sort out your mountain cur, which is also an essential part of taking care of it. When taking care of the mountain cur, you should brush it once a week to remove the dirt from the coat. If the mountain cur is dirty, wash it with dog shampoo. You must clean any wrinkles regularly, which will keep them clean and healthy. When taking care of mountain cur, you should also pay attention to the nails of mountain cur. The nails of mountain cur need to be trimmed regularly unless they are working dogs. Moutain cur is shedding all the year round. Before summer and winter, the fur of moutain cur will fall a little heavier, but it will not lose control. When taking care of mountain cur, we should brush it regularly, because it can help most of the hair come out. Buy a Mountain cur.

Take care of the diet of mountain cur

Like all dogs, mountain cur can stay healthy through diet and exercise. A good diet for black billed dogs would be a raw diet. This is because it is rich in nutrients, a wide variety. This is more effective than regular dry food, but is especially ideal for working dogs. If you want to use dry food, you should make sure you buy high quality kibbles. One and a half cups twice a day. The food itself should be rich in protein, because it is the most important nutrient for dogs, which is essential in the diet of taking care of mountain cur. Avoid dyes, refined fat and wheat gluten in dry food.
Mountain cur is an active and protective dog, with the right family to make a perfect pet. Although mountain cur is not a cute type, Bobcats are loyal and hard-working dogs who survive to please their owners. When you take care of the mountain cur, the mountain cur thrives in an open space and needs regular exercise. Because of their nature of work and hunting, they like to be assigned a job to do, which can prevent mountain cur from being bored, showing destructive or aggressive behavior, which you should pay attention to when taking care of mountain cur. If you think you can keep up with this interesting, active puppy and give them the outdoor life they need, go to your local breeder or animal shelter and meet your new partner, mountain cur!