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How to Care for a Great Pyrenees?

The Great Pyrenees originated in Central Asia or Siberia, named after the Great Pyrenees in southwest Europe. It is one of the oldest extant species. The remains of its ancestors were found in fossils dating back to 1800 B.C. The breed has a thick, weather-resistant coat that was originally used to protect sheep from predators in cold mountain weather and to pull sleds. They arrived in the United States in 1824 and were recognized by the American dog club in 1933. Take care of your Great Pyrenees and have a healthy, adoptable dog.

Step 1. Exercise the Great Pyrenees

You need to exercise your Great Pyrenees every day and have him strap on in an unguarded yard. The dog tends to wander around to build a large field and patrol as part of his instinctive behavior. He will do so if he is not tied to a belt or fenced high enough to prevent him from escaping. The Great Pyrenees like to go for a quick walk or a short hike and don’t need strenuous exercise.

Step 2. Brush the Pyrenees

You need to take good care of your Great Pyrenees and have a healthy, adaptable dog. You need to wire brush your Pyrenees fur once or twice a week to keep it from getting dirty. The coat has two layers, one is a thick undercoat, the other is a rough coat; brush the two coats and lift the coat to remove the excess fur from the undercoat. Brushing your teeth also prevents the dog’s hair from falling off. When your dog takes off his winter coat in the spring, you may need to brush the bear every day because it loses a lot of hair.

Step 3. Bath the Great Pyrenees

You only need to bathe the Pyrenees when necessary to keep its fur bright and white; you can also wash it with dry cleaning shampoo. Remove dirt and stains with a mild soap free shampoo; use conditioner after shampooing. Blow dry his coat with a hair dryer to make it fluffy, especially for performances. The Great Pyrenees like to dig outdoors and get dirty and dirty. Bathing can remove the dirt and keep him in the best condition.


Step 4. Wash the face of the Great Pyrenees

You can towel your face off the Great Pyrenees every day to get rid of the excess saliva in his mouth, because these dogs are prone to drool and drink badly. If you wipe it every day, you can also prevent the food from forming stains around his mouth.