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How to care for a Belgian Tervueren?

How to care for a Belgian Tervueren? Let’s see it together. The Belgian Tervueren Shepherd is one of the four kinds of Belgian shepherd dogs. They are very similar and were once considered as a single breed. These four Belgians are characterized by the elegant but muscular figure, high head, alert and intelligent manner, and enthusiastic work.


Common health problems of Belgian Tervueren shepherd dog

Elbow and hip dysplasia are the two most common diseases in the breed. Although the breeder can do their best to reduce their incidence rate, they still have problems. Environmental factors can exacerbate any potential elbow or hip problems. Keeping puppies away from slippery floors, limiting their movement, and preventing them from jumping around on furniture can reduce the risk of development. Other problems may be PRA or progressive retinal apathy and epilepsy.
The main purpose of feeding is to bathe the Belgian Tervueren regularly. The Belgian Tervueren sheepdog has a thick double coat and has two distinct shedding cycles: spring and autumn. Owners can use pet shampoo, which contains oat protein to help relax the inner coating. A simple hut treatment was followed. After a simple unhairing treatment is processed into fur, an inner coating rake is used to brush the fur while the simple shed treatment still exists. This will pull out the primer and help prevent clogging the drain when bathing in the bathtub. If you bathe your Belgian Tervueren shepherd outside, it will loosen your coat and greatly reduce the brushing time. If you notice the villi on the back of the Belgian shepherd dog, use aloe vera as a hair restorer, or spray quickly. This program helps prevent hot spots and skin irritation. In Belgium, it may be necessary to wash your hair between molting cycles, because this breed likes water and may become muddy between seasons.

Winter care of Belgian Tervueren shepherd dog

In dry winter or in generally dry climates, the owner can use aloe vera moisturizing spray to keep the skin and coat feeling moist and soft. Take a quick bath between the regular “full bath” and use oatmeal baking soda as a water-free bath. Just spray and wipe with a towel to clean quickly. The owner can mix the fragrance of shampoo and nasal spray together and become a good smelling dog.

Ear cleaning of Belgian Tervueren shepherd dog

For monthly ear cleaning, be extra careful. If the Belgian Tervueren sheepdog has chronic ear disease and needs weekly care, the owner can use aloe wipes for ear protection. This procedure will help to avoid any ear problems. Remember, never clean out of sight in your ears.

Eyecare of Belgian Tervueren shepherd dog

The eyewash can be used to help wash foreign bodies in the dog’s eyes, such as residual shampoo. It can also help wash common eye allergens and relieve any irritation. Every time your pet comes in from outside, check your eyes to see if there are any foreign objects that can be washed off.


Common problems of Belgian Tervueren shepherd dog

These fleas and fleas are common problems with the movement of Belgian shepherds. Our fleas and tick shampoos are excellent and are loved by beauticians. Fleas and tick pet spray can keep them away for up to 12 days. If you want to bathe your dog outside, rather than in the bathtub, we also have an outdoor spray shampoo attached to the hose. There are also flea and lice wipes for bathing.
Skin abrasions and insect bites can occur when your dog is running and exploring outside. Keep a 3 in 1 treatment cream and insect bite reliever on hand for use in case of accidents.