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How to care a Borzoi coat?

How to care a Borzoi coat? Borzoi’s coat is soft, silky and wavy. Borzoi’s coat is usually long and heavy with a thick collar of fur around his neck. As for color, this Borzoi jacket can come in mixed colors, shades of brown, white, gray, tan or beige. Because Borzoi has a long coat, you’ll find dog hair around the house. Brushing regularly can help you solve this problem of Borzoi.


Borzoi’s coat color and decoration

Borzoi’s coat is long and silky, and can be any color. Borzoi’s coat can also be a combination of colors. Borzoi’s coat can be flat, wavy or curly. Short, smooth hair covers the head, ears and forelegs, and rich frills adorn the neck. Borzoi’s tail coat is covered with thick feathers. Borzoi’s silky coat resists dirt and dirt, so it’s easy to keep clean.

How to take care of Borzoi’s coat?

You can brush Borzoi‘s coat with a needle once a week. Make sure you take the mat off the coat behind Borzoi’s ears or between his hind legs. You should avoid using wire brushes, or you will damage Borzoi’s coat. Borzoi’s coat is seasonal heavy molting and may need to be brushed more frequently during this time. You need to bathe him as needed to maintain Borzoi’s coat. When maintaining Borzoi’s coat, you should brush Borzoi’s teeth at least two or three times a week to remove tartar and latent bacteria. If you want to prevent Borzoi’s gum disease and bad breath, brush your teeth every day. Buy a Borzoi.

How can Borzoi get used to brushing his coat?


When your Borzoi is a puppy, you should let him get used to being washed and checking his coat. Borzoi often uses his paws because dogs are very sensitive to their feet. Make brushing Borzoi’s coat a positive experience full of praise and reward, and you will lay the foundation for the veterinarian examination and other treatment of Borzoi’s habit of brushing his coat as an adult. Borzoi is a domestic dog. They like their own comfort, so it’s very important to take care of Borzoi’s coat. Some people do best in homes with yards, while others just walk every day. Borzoi is generally not a vigorous dog, but the level of activity varies from individual to individual. Some people exercise in the yard, while others are lazy and have to take them for a walk. Most Borzoi are content to walk 20 minutes a day and occasionally have a chance to run in a safe fenced area. Walking or playing in a safe fenced area is a must for this breed. Borzoi after exercise, you must check Borzoi’s coat to prevent parasites from getting on Borzoi’s coat. Borzoi is a natural chaser and will chase anything that moves, even if it means running in front of a truck. You can’t catch Borzoi as soon as he takes off, so you should take care of Borzoi’s coat and health.