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How to bathe your Scoodle?

How to bathe your Scoodle? Scoodle’s thick long hair and low body are a perfect combination for picking up scoddle’s dirt. Scoodle sometimes needs to take a bath on the basis of regular grooming. But because of scoode’s unusual fur, its bathing techniques are not exactly the same as those of other breeds.

Step 1 of bathing scoodle

You have to prepare everything you need: a comb and comb, dog shampoo, dog conditioner and a few towels. You may also need a large plastic can and a hairdryer.


Step 2 of bathing scoodle

You need to brush your scoodle coat and comb it through to make sure there are no tangles left. Once scoodle’s tangles get wet, it’s hard to get rid of.

Step 3 of bathing scoodle

You need to shower for a few minutes to make sure it produces warm water. If you don’t have a detachable shower, you’d better bath him with a big bowl, such as a baby bath or a bathtub. If not, you need a kettle.

Step 4 of bathing scoodle

You wet scoodle’s fur with a shower or a kettle. You should also wet scoodle dogs‘ beard, but avoid letting water get into scoddle’s eyes or ears.

Step 5 of bathing scoodle

You’re going to massage scoddle’s fur with shampoo, starting at the back of your head and ending at the tail. Don’t forget scoddle’s stomach and legs.

Step 6 of bathing scoodle

Then you have to rinse scoodle’s shampoo. If scoodle’s beard lasts too long, carefully rub a little more shampoo on it and rinse immediately to make sure soapy water doesn’t get into his mouth.


Step 7 of bathing scoodle

You need to wet scoodle’s fur again, massage the conditioner on it, and rinse it off. Buy a Scoodle.

Step 8 of bathing scoodle

You can lift scoddle out of the shower or bathtub and stand back until he gives it a good shake. Then you can gently wipe him with a towel. Give him a little more grooming. Turn the hairdryer to the coldest position to dry his hair. Put it a few inches away from his body. If you want to know more information about scoodle dog, you can click here.