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How to bathe poodle?

Our poodles are cute, beautiful, and their hair is very beautiful. If you want to make their hair as beautiful as new, then in the daily breeding process, bathing is an indispensable work, but there are many precautions for poodle bathing, but for some owners who have no breeding experience, they don’t know how to give it correctly Poodle bath. Let’s take a look at it!


1. Do not bathe before and after vaccination

Before and after vaccination, poodles should not be given a bath, which is likely to cause them to catch a cold, which is not conducive to their health.

2. You can’t take a bath for the poodle too often

Although the main feeding time to keep their hair and body clean, but bathing too often is not the correct way, bathing too often will wash the grease on the dog’s hair surface, which will make the dog’s hair and skin lose the umbrella, which is not conducive to their hair and skin health. Under normal circumstances, half a month for it to take a bath, usually pay more attention to clean the dirt on the hair can also be very good to keep their hair clean and tidy.

3. We should control the water temperature

When the owner bathes the poodle, the water temperature should be adjusted properly. It should not be too cold or too hot. Too cold will cause the dog to catch a cold. If it is too hot, the dog will have a sense of resistance. Attention is not conducive to smooth bathing.

4. Use professional washing and care products to keep warm in time

We give the poodle a bath, do not try to save time, take human bath liquid or soap to the dog bath, but this is a wrong practice, will seriously damage the dog’s skin and hair, so for the dog’s health, we must use professional cleaning supplies to the dog’s bath, after the bath, we must dry the dog’s body water in time, which can keep them warm and keep them from catching a cold.