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How to bathe a Weston?

Before you start bathing your Weston, it’s important to make sure that you brush off any debris, dead hair, mats or tangles on Weston’s body before you start bathing. In addition, removing any debris or pads from Weston’s fur in advance will make the whole process easier for you, your Weston and your drain pipe. If you don’t remove them in advance, the drain pipe will be blocked by dead hair.

Prepare the rubber bath mat before Weston takes a bath

Whether you bathe Weston in the bathtub or in the shower, you should first lay a rubber bath mat to provide a safer foothold for your Weston bath and prevent your bathtub or sink from being scratched. Put everything you need to take a bath (shampoo, conditioner, sponge, towel) by the bathtub or shower so you don’t have to search your dog when it’s wet.

Put a cotton ball in Weston’s ear before bathing him

Put the cotton ball in the dog’s ear canal to prevent accidental water spray from entering the ear canal when Weston takes a bath, resulting in ear infection. If you bathe Weston in a bathtub, use 4 to 6 inches of warm water (not too hot, because dogs are more sensitive to hot water than humans), and then put your Weston in the water. Use a detachable shower head to completely wet the dog’s fur. If you do not have spray accessories, cups or jugs can also bathe Weston. None of Weston likes to put water on his head and eyes when taking a bath, so use a wet sponge or towel to wet his head. Weston’s fur is growing hair, not fur. The advantage of this is that they don’t fall off and are considered non allergic. However, their long silky hair is easily tangled and tangled by mats, Weston needs to brush his teeth every day and bathe more frequently than typical dog hair.

Do not leave bath products on the dog while Weston is bathing

When bathing for Weston, you should leave the shampoo on Weston’s fur for a few minutes, then rinse the skin of Norwich hound thoroughly with clean spray of warm water or spray water until skin. Comb your dog’s fur with your fingers. Make sure that all shampoo residue on Weston‘s body is completely washed after bathing him. Any shampoo that remains on a dog’s fur can cause irritation and itching. After washing, take time to rinse again, especially under the armpit and under the tail. Use your hand to gently squeeze all the excess water out of your dog’s coat.
Use conditioner bottle on the instructions and work on the whole conditioner for your dog’s coat. After bathing Weston, you can put the conditioner in the dog’s coat for two minutes, and then rinse Weston thoroughly with warm water, unless the conditioner you use is “stay in” and there is no formula. For Weston, the best conditioner for Weston bath is mink oil, which can increase luster, deepen and enrich the natural color of the fur. It’s also a good idea to choose a brand of conditioner that contains sunscreen to help prevent ultraviolet radiation when your dog is outside on a sunny day.

Follow up on Weston’s bath

After bathing, apply a protein based conditioner to your Weston’s fur to help repair, regroup, and protect the fur and combine it with each hair shaft. Pull the plug off the bathtub, let the water flow away, and squeeze extra water out of Weston’s legs and feet by hand. Get out of the water immediately. After Weston’s bath, wrap your Norwich hounds in a dry towel so they don’t get cold. Gently squeeze out the excess water with the towel, then let them shake and spray water everywhere. Unless it’s warm outside, you’ll want to dry your dog or puppy immediately with a hand-held hair dryer, taking care not to let hot air get too close to their skin. You can use your hand or soft brush or comb to lift and fluffy coat to help it dry faster, you will want to put your hand between the hair dryer and your Norwich stalk hair, so they will never get a direct hot air, never blow air directly into their faces or ears. Don’t forget to take the cotton ball off their ears to make sure they are dry. Buy a Weston.

After Weston has finished taking a bath, you have to offer hospitality and hugs

The owners start bathing their Weston at 8 weeks old, because it’s a lifelong ritual. But step by step. Weston’s first visit to a beautician usually doesn’t count as a bath. It’s just teaching them to dress up. It’s not scary. When Weston was very young, there was no need for Weston to use cleaning products. But you must make sure that the bath water for Weston is warm so that the ceremony is pleasant for your puppy. No one wants a boiling hot bath. Weston is very sensitive to heat. Until the dog is three or four months old, all you really need to use is a warm water temperature. Weston’s temperature in the bath is higher than ours, and their experience of temperature is different from ours.