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How to add fiber to poodle?

The reason why we want to add fiber to the poodle’s diet is to promote digestion and reduce constipation so that the poodle can develop the physiological habit of regular defecation. Moreover, with the supplement of enough food fiber, the dog will have a sense of fullness, so as not to eat too much, leading to excessive nutrition and obesity, which is beneficial to the health of poodle. So, which foods are rich in fiber, and how to add fiber to the poodle’s diet?


1. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is rich in cellulose, buy mature pumpkin cooked can, pumpkin itself is sweet, so do not add sugar to the dog’s diet. Each dog needs 1 tablespoon per meal.

2. Steamed green beans

Fresh green beans are another source of cellulose. The owner can prepare a handful of green beans and steam them slowly in the microwave oven for a while. When they are completely cooled, they are chopped and mixed into the dog’s food. In sports or training, organic green beans can be used as snacks. But dogs can’t fully absorb the nutrients in green beans because too many vegetables can’t be completely digested in the dog’s intestines.

3. Sweet potato

A medium-sized sweet potato contains 3 grams of fiber. Peel sweet potatoes, cut into small cubes, put into a shallow bowl, put a small amount of water, cover with food preservative film, steam in the microwave oven, until the chopsticks can be inserted into the sweet potato. Mash with chopsticks or fork and add 1-3 tbsp to your dog’s main meal.

4. Oats

Add a spoonful of wheat bran, boiled oats or cooked millet to your dog’s staple food. Adding whole grains to your dog’s staple food is a good way to replenish fiber and a cheap way to do it.

5. Normal diet

The best way to recover your dog’s normal diet is to put fiber on your dog’s diet. Add a small amount of water and fiber additive, then add it to staple food. However, it should not exceed three days to prevent diarrhea and other problems with opposite effects.

6. Check how much fiber your dog food contains.

For high fiber foods, rice, sweet potato and corn have less fiber content than oats and wheat. The less kinds of raw materials in dog food, the lower the nutritional value.

Matters needing attention:

If the poodle has intestinal problems, the owner should not blindly pursue various family remedial measures. Professional veterinarians can quickly identify the causes of poodle health problems and give you some diet plans to prevent poodle constipation.
(1) poodle dogs need a lot of nutrition including amino acids, propylamine acid, protein, minerals, and so on, which should not only be sufficient but also balanced and comprehensive development. If the food you eat lacks these nutrients, the skin, mouth, and hair will become pigmented and dull. If these nutrients are insufficient, the color of the body’s hair will become more and more yellow, malnutrition, and loss of luster, gums will also relax. It is suggested that dogs should eat some wheat and corn grains, and some meat such as sheep, fish, and pigs.
(2) The calcium molecules in the beef bone meal will make poodle anorexia, but the calcium molecules in the clam shell will not. Palmitate and fatty acids from cod liver oil, soluble vitamin A, and vitamin D are also acceptable, except for vegetables containing beta carotene. It is suggested to feed the poodle wheat, oats, beets, corn, etc. Don’t feed rice, soybeans, and avocados.
(3) How many meals a day a poodle should have is a matter of concern to the friends of the newly bred poodle. Because we have heard that poodle can’t eat too much, eating too much is not good for your health, but you can’t bear to watch the dog starve.