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How smart is a Chihuahua dog?

Chihuahua has the largest brain to body ratio of all breeds, but they are not the smartest. In fact, they are about 67th on the list of smart dogs. It seems a bit disappointing. But it depends on how you measure the intelligence of a dog and also remember that we are measuring intelligence compared to human construction. All dogs’ intelligence is measured in different ways.


1. Instinctive intelligence

That’s what dogs are for. For example, a shepherd dog that instinctively surrounds animals collects birds from the hunt. Chihuahua was originally raised as a domestic animal, but it has an instinctive defense ability. But even though you do see Chihuahua at work, they are now raised as companion dogs.

2. Adaptive intelligence

Adaptive intelligence is what Chihuahua can learn to do for herself. Adaptive intelligence may vary among dogs of the same breed. If we look at two chihuahuas, we may find that one of them doesn’t go out to work. She just stands there barking, but the other can push and pull the door. We don’t train them, but different Chihuahua can learn these movements.


3. Work wisdom and work obedience

Work intelligence and work obedience cover what Chihuahua can learn to do under human guidance. To order, as to sit down, to stop. The intelligence of work and obedience is measured by the number of repetitions your dog needs to respond to commands. Some Chihuahuas are keen on learning new things and spend little time learning new tricks. But there will be other Chihuahuas who are more submissive, eager to please others, and enthusiastic about food. So, it’s easy to get this Chihuahua to do something. The first type of Chihuahua is not interested in pleasing anyone and has the stubborn character of Chihuahua. They won’t sit on the floor or claw, which has to be a very high value treat to keep him interested. So it’s hard to measure your dog’s work intelligence in terms of what you can teach them because it really has a lot to do with their personality. If your Chihuahua is not interested in pleasing you, will it make him smarter or less intelligent?

4. Is your Chihuahua compassionate?

Most Chihuahua owners would say they showed compassion. It’s being aware of other people’s emotions. If you are upset or sick, will your dog try to comfort you by licking your face, hug you, or bring you toys? Some scientists think it’s just your dog’s self-interest. They notice changes in your behavior and come to investigate to make sure you’re still an effective group leader.