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How smart are Brittany dogs?

Brittany is a typically smart, athletic, and family-oriented dog. The breed he cultivated in Brittany and Brittany was different in the terrain type. Over the years, his skills as a hunting dog have made him very popular in other countries, and because of his typical friendly character, he has also become very popular as a family dog. Learn more about this happy guy and see if he’s right for you.


Brittany can be a good running partner.

Brittany is not a quiet dog. Brittany dogs tend to play and exercise, energetic. These characteristics can make him a good running partner, and he can also work in dog sports such as agility. Be sure to check with your veterinarian about any new exercise program before you go out on the street.

Brittany can be a good family pet.

Brittany tends to be amorous; he loves children and protects them. He can usually get along with other dogs, and if he grows up with a cat, he can also learn to get along with a cat.

Brittany dogs learn fast.

Brittany is generally smart and willing to please others, which makes it relatively easy to train him and teach him tricks. The sport dog also tends to learn hunting skills at an early age.


Brittany dogs are usually easy to comb.

Brittany had a short coat with a little feather on his legs and abdomen, so he combed it easily. Brushing your teeth weekly will help keep his coat clean and tidy, as well as keep your loose hair on the floor, because he will shed hair moderately.

Brittany can be a good watchdog

Unlike many other sporting dogs, Brittanies are wary of strangers. This trait can make him a good watchdog.