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How often should you bathe your Snorkie?

Do you have a snorkie? Do you know how often should you bathe your Snorkie? Snorkie is attractive, but you have to dress them up. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on your snorkie? Hairstyle if you follow some of the tips below.

Snorkie bath

First of all, it’s a skill for us to give snorkie a bath. You have to prevent its lovely hair from getting entangled. When we bathe snorkie, a good idea is to work from top to bottom. Massage the dog’s hair all the way from its shampoo to its tail. Working in the direction of hair growth helps prevent bedding.
Put the cotton ball in the dog’s ear to prevent the liquid from gathering in the ear. Remember to take them off after the shower.


Drying snorkie’s coat

You can let your snorkie’s hair dry by itself, or use a hot air blower. Please note that it takes about two to three hours for a long haired dog to dry.

Take care of snorkie regularly

You need to brush snorkie regularly to prevent tangles. It also helps revitalize the dog’s skin. You need a smooth brush or a spinning comb.
Snorkie is a small man. You can put him on your lap. Brush along the direction of hair growth. Don’t forget to groom your dog. To do that, turn it upside down. Brush his ears with a needle. You can divide snorkie’s fur into sections. Part the dog’s fur. Brush off all cushions and tangles. Repeat the process for the rest.

Clean snorkie’s ears

The best time to clean a dog’s ears is when the dog’s hair is dry. You can also use anti louse drugs in your ears. Dogs have much longer ear canals than ours. Debris often accumulates in the inner ear, so regular cleaning is necessary. You can fold snorkie’s ears back and take anti louse medicine. Clean the ear. Don’t go too far, or you will damage the eardrum. Buy a Snorkie.


Snorkie’s manicure

Snorkie usually doesn’t like manicure. It’s hard to blame them, because if they don’t do it right, it’s a painful process. You can do this with scissors or grinder tools. Nail clippers with blades are the best for shorkie puppies.
You need to get your snorkie used to cutting nails. You can gently massage snorkie’s paws and penetrate the pink area of snorkie, causing a lot of bleeding and pain.