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How often should you bathe a Papillon?

The most effective way to keep Papillon clean is to bathe it regularly, but you may worry that washing your hair too often will make your dog’s skin dry and itchy. Don’t worry, as long as you wash your dog properly, it shouldn’t. Even if you bathe him every week, it’s a problem. Instead, bathing Papillon regularly stimulates hair growth and prevents it from breaking.


Getting ready to bathe Papillon

The most important step in bathing Papillon is to brush his hair in advance. You can bathe dogs with a mat, which makes it almost impossible to remove them later. Once you brush your pet’s teeth properly, collect everything you need to bathe. This should include a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, a cup for washing (if your sink or shower doesn’t have a removable nozzle), a towel, cotton ball, mineral oil, and at least two large bath towels.

Use the kitchen sink to bathe Papillon

Because your Papillon is too small, you may prefer to bathe him in your kitchen sink rather than lean on the bathtub, but if you do, you have to be very careful. Falling from the counter can seriously hurt or even kill your pet. No matter where you choose to take a bath for Papillon, use a skid pad to prevent him from slipping in the water.

Take Papillon for a walk before he takes a bath

Taking your Papillon for a walk gives him a chance to run his bath water before emptying his bladder. If you live in a cold climate, it’s also time to turn up your thermostat a little bit, because your Papillon may feel a little cold when he finished bathing and comes out of the bathtub for the first time. Remember, even in midsummer, if you use air conditioning, it can be. If it’s very cold, put off bathing until a warm day.

Papillon’s bath routine

When Papillon has bathed, you’re going to put a dry cotton ball in Papillon‘s ear and start bathing. Put him in warm water, soak his coat thoroughly, and then gently wipe his face with a wet towel. This place shouldn’t be washed with shampoo because it irritates your Papillon’s eyes. Towels will also come in handy a little later as you clean the underside and bottom of your dog. Next, you can put a small amount of shampoo in your palm and rub it into a mild foam before applying it to your dog’s back. You may notice that the amount of foam produced by dogs is different from that of shampoo. It’s intentional, so it’s easier to wash. The pH value of Papillon’s skin is very different from that of human skin, so your high-end products will only make your Papillon feel very uncomfortable. If you really want him to indulge in spa treatment, there are several designer brands of dog shampoo, although you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a high-quality product.

Using conditioner for Papillon

Once you’ve washed and rinsed your Papillon thoroughly, follow up with conditioner. Instead of simply rubbing the product on your dog, put your finger on its hair. This allows it to touch his hair and skin. Please wait for a certain time according to the instructions on the label, and then rinse again. The advantage of washing is that there is no excessive risk, so continue to bathe your dog until you are sure that all shampoo and conditioner have been washed.


Give Papillon a bath and dry his coat

To maintain a typical Papillon look, blow dry your dog in a low calorie setting after follow-up. If the temperature is right, you can choose to dry your pet with a towel, but it may make his coat look less than ideal. If you want to show your dog, be sure to use a hair dryer. Even the cage dryer, a tool commonly used by beauticians and breeders, is not recommended to be used before and after showering. Buy a Papillon.
Papillary hairs should be rich, but not fluffy or wavy in appearance. Brush your dog throughout the drying process. You should be careful to take your Papillon outside until its fur is completely dry, because it may be particularly vulnerable to cold air and dust, while it is still wet.