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How often should Siberian Husky be bathed?

In the process of raising Husky puppies, there must be many more things to pay attention to than adult dogs. This is also because Husky puppies have a poor constitution and weak resistance to disease. If you are not careful, the dog will be susceptible to disease. Therefore, in the course of raising Husky puppies, in the Diet, there are a lot of things to be aware of when it comes to exercise and hygiene, so how old is the Husky puppy when it comes to bathing? What should I pay attention to in the shower?


According to Husky’s age, and according to different seasons, Husky showers differently, and depending on Husky’s condition, the dog showers more often. So when and how often you give your dog a bath, it’s important to make sure that Husky is in good health.

1. Bath Time

We all know that newborn huskies are not allowed to bathe. The first bath for Husky puppies should be about two weeks after the vaccination when antibodies are produced in the puppy’s body, so more accept and adapt to the bath environment, not easy to get sick.

If you’re an adult, Husky doesn’t sweat much in the winter and spends a lot of time outside, so you can take a bath once a month. If it’s a hot summer, the dog sweats a lot, a general maximum of two weeks or so can take a bath, in time to clean the dust and bacteria on the body, is conducive to Husky’s health.


2. What should we pay attention to when Bathing Husky puppies?

First of all, the water temperature is the most basic guarantee, because Husky puppy physically poor, easy to get sick, especially easy to catch a cold, so once the water temperature is not appropriate, the dog is easy to catch a cold. You can keep the water temperature at 36-38 degrees in the summer and one or two degrees in the winter. If it is particularly hot in summer, the water temperature can also be slightly lower. If it is a summer bath, it should be in the evening or the sun is about to go down, if it is winter, it should be in the warm afternoon or warm indoor, to prevent the dog from cold. Secondly, after the dog bath, to timely blow-dry the dog’s hair, because the puppy resistance is poor, it is best not to use a hairdryer, you can use a clean towel a little dry. In addition, in the dog bath on the day, do not let the dog to outdoor activities, especially can not see the wind, or the dog is very easy to catch a cold. Finally, during Husky’s deworming procedure, it is recommended that the dog not be bathed, and during vaccination and deworming, the dog should not be bathed, as this can easily cause the dog’s body discomfort, causing some harm.

Therefore, it can be seen from the above that it is not advisable to give Husky a premature bath, after a bath, must be timely dry hair, do not catch a cold, catch the wind, or the dog is very easy to catch a cold.