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How often should Samoyeds be bathed?

How often do we give samoyed a bath to be healthy? When we look at Samoyed with the naked eye, the most striking thing about him is his flawless white hair. Add to that his angelic smile, and you’ve got a lot of dog lovers. But if we want Samoyed to look good every day, it’s going to take a lot of effort to manage their hair. For example, we have to comb their hair every day, give them a regular bath, regular deworming, and so on. But how often is it right to give samoyed a bath? Let’s take a look at how often we should give samoyed a bath.


Point one:

We all know that dog hair is the protective umbrella of their skin, and the grease on the hair is the protective umbrella of the hair, it can protect the hair and body of the Samoyed dog very well, it effectively prevents bacteria from attacking the dog’s skin and getting into it, and if we bathe Samoyed too often, we’ll remove this protective layer, this can lead to a loss of skin and hair resistance, so we shouldn’t wash Samoyed too often!

Point two:

The correct way to bathe is to wash them three or four times a month in spring and summer, like twice a month in winter and cold autumn. Also, we should comb their coat hair once a day to make sure it’s smooth and doesn’t get knotted. In addition, when we give Samoyed a bath, it is necessary to buy pet-specific cleaning products, as far as possible to choose a smoother, better than the hair on the hair of the bath liquid. Remember, we’re not giving Samoyed our own lotion. In addition, we should clean the ears of Samoyed in time, which can effectively prevent body odor, and at the same time, we should clean their anal glands, tail, and cut their nails regularly, only to ensure that their body is clean and tidy, to make sure that samoyed is at his best every day.


Point three:

The most important point is that Samoyed should not be bathed with human soap or body wash, as human products are more alkaline and can damage the hair and skin of dogs, which is detrimental to the health of their hair, also pay attention to control the temperature of the water, can not be too cool and can not be too hot, the water temperature is best controlled at about 38-40 degrees. We had to decide when to give the Samoyed dog a bath, depending on the season. In the winter we can reduce the dog bath, we can generally give the dog a monthly wash. In the spring and autumn season, we can give the dog a bath every 10 days or so, we can choose sunny weather. We can wash the dog every 3 ~ 5 days in summer when it is hot.
We should prepare the bathwater before taking a bath. The temperature of this water should be controlled at about 40 degrees centigrade. We must first let the dog familiar with the water, follow the guidance to let it gradually adapt, do not force, lest cause adverse consequences.