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How often should I wash my Japanese Spitz?

For some Japanese Spitz who don’t often go to the countryside, swim in the lake, or walk in the mud, it’s enough to wash when it’s dirty. You don’t have to wash your Japanese Spitz. If it doesn’t smell, its fur is clean. For Japanese Spitz, on the other hand, you can limit yourself to washing every four to six weeks. You should avoid washing Japanese Spitz once a month to avoid damaging your skin. Little Japanese Spitz can wash from 3 months old.


Where can you wash your Japanese Spitz?

It will depend on the size of your Japanese Spitz, its behavior (docile or crazy), your home (house, apartment, garden, etc.) and the season. It depends on what you see will be the most practical according to your possibilities or limitations: in your garden in summer, in your bathtub, in your shower or in a special Japanese Spitz. But, whether it’s outdoors or indoors, it’s best to keep your Japanese Spitz stationery so it can’t move, so you can clean it properly. If you’re in the bathroom and your bathtub is big enough, you can put it in and close the door in case it comes out of the bathtub. If you are in the shower, you may need to tie it, if necessary, to prevent it from turning your bathroom into a battlefield. If you decide to take a bath or shower, you should make sure it doesn’t slip. With a skidpad, you can prevent it from getting hurt. You can also prevent it from damaging your bathtub.For a very small price, we recommend using a non-toxic mat to clean your Japanese Spitz. It is made of environment-friendly PVC material, no bisphenol A, non-toxic, no phthalate ester, no latex, non-slip. There is a view that it is a great bath mat because it is easy to install, non-slip, and does not float, making the bathtub safe and comfortable. There are many signs that this mat is really effective and it sticks to perfection.


How to clean your Japanese Spitz properly?

The most effective way is to wash it with water and a good shampoo. Choose the best shampoo for your Japanese Spitz. First of all, you have to touch him and talk to him gently to reassure him. This will make you start making Japanese Spitz’s head a little wet. Then you can start with shampoo. You should pour warm water on his head to avoid his eyes and nose. Then you need to apply some shampoo and rub it on the Japanese Spitz’s neck. Then you’d better wash your head with a shower or a bucket of warm water prepared in advance. Then you continue to use shampoo, especially around his inner hair and tail. Then you need to wash Japanese Spitz properly. Then you’re going to dry it. You need to get a big dry towel. Some Japanese Spitz people can tolerate dryness besides using hair dryer, others can’t. Buy a Japanese Spitz.

How to wash your Japanese Spitz without getting wet?

If it’s cold and your Japanese Spitz starts to stink, you can use dry shampoo. They are very practical because they can prevent you from wetting your Japanese Spitz and soiling your bathroom.