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How often should I bathe my German Wirehaired Pointers?

How often should I bathe my German Wirehaired Pointers? The short hair and smooth coat of the German wirehaired pointer make the beauty of the German wirehaired pointer low maintenance. German wirehaired pointer’s coats are short and double-layered, so they fall off all year round and are more severe during the molting season. German wirehaired pointer only needs to brush once a week, but in the molting season or twice a year, German wirehaired pointer needs to brush 3-4 times a week. When taking a bath, you should often wipe off the oil stains, because when taking a bath, you must always wipe off the waterproof oil stains. There’s no need for a haircut.


The brush of German wirehaired pointer

The best brushes for these German wirehaired pointers are either bristles or rubber beauty gloves.) Many owners say they also like to occasionally wipe the coat of the German wirehaired pointer with a towel or suede to make it smooth and shiny. German wired pointer needs to take a bath only when it is particularly dirty or smelly. If you really want to bathe your dogs, be sure to brush it thoroughly first. To bathe the German wired pointer, you can use a bathtub or an outdoor children’s pool and a garden hose. Be sure to use canine shampoo, because this shampoo made for humans can irritate GSP’s skin. Wet the dog’s hair thoroughly, then apply a quarter size shampoo to the dog’s back; bubble well, down and out. (don’t forget the belly and inside of the legs!) Complete the chest and neck, then clean the head with a towel to make sure shampoo doesn’t get into the dog’s eyes. Rinse thoroughly, towel dry, and then brush again quickly to make it look clean and smooth.


Hair loss of German wirehaired pointer

German wirehaired pointer‘s jacket doesn’t shed much, but it shed more seriously in spring and autumn. In general, the best brush for German wirehaired pointer is a bristle brush (similar to a horse brush), but some owners say that rubber carding gloves are also effective, especially during the hair removal season. It’s quite easy for you to brush your German wired pointer. You don’t need to wet your German wirehaired pointer’s fur in advance, as most varieties do, because the natural waterproof oil of German wirehaired pointer is likely to drip directly from GSP’s fur. You can start by brushing over the shoulder of a German wirehaired pointer. Then brush along the direction of hair growth.