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How often should Golden Retrievers be bathed?

There are so many people with golden retrievers now. Dogs live in our homes and live with us day in and day out, so their hygiene is really a very important part. If we don’t help them clean up in time, it is easy to produce a great smell, a great deal of pollution of the indoor air, affect the family as well as the dog’s own health. How often should we give our golden retriever a bath? Can we bathe the dog every day? Indeed, this problem will be encountered by many people, wash too many times, also afraid of bad for the dog’s health, but also easy to catch a cold, wash less, and unsanitary, then we will simply understand how often to give the golden retriever a bath is appropriate.


1. Give your golden retriever a bath at regular intervals
To give the golden retriever a bath should also be timed, there are rules to be consulted, don’t give the dog a bath as soon as you feel that the dog is dirty, give the dog a bath without delay, take a bath frequently, it also has an effect on the cortex of the Golden Retriever, severe enough to cause a range of skin problems. If you really feel that the golden retriever is too dirty, you can find a good brush up, the next time directly with a brush on it.

2. Pay attention to the seasons
We give the golden retriever a bath, but also to distinguish between the seasons, if it is summer, the weather is hot, but also relatively easy to breed bacteria, at this time, give the dog about 2-3 times a month to wash it, if it is winter, the weather turns cold, just make sure you wash them once a month. If your dog goes out and comes back feeling really dirty, we can give them a little wash or a clean brush, because the winter bath number is too, also easy to let the dog catch a cold, thus the resistance drops.


3. Water Temperature Regulation
The temperature of the water in which we bathe the dog is also quite critical. No matter what season, don’t give the dog a cold bath. It’s very easy to catch a cold. In addition, the temperature of the water in the summer bath should not be lower than about 15 degrees, in winter, the water temperature should be close to the dog’s body temperature.

In short, we give the golden retriever bath also have a lot to pay attention to the place, hope that in the daily life of taking care of dogs, every dog owner, whether in the Diet or travel, can be scientific and reasonable.