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How often do you feed a teacup poodle?

The teacup poodle is a kind of likable and intelligent person. They are good at attracting people’s attention and like to stand by their owners. They are hardy puppies that can live well into their teens, but in the fall, they may need veterinary care to make sure they live to a mature age. Taking care of a toy poodle means taking care of your dog and having enough money to meet its needs, such as regular grooming, geriatric care, and preventive treatment for pests.


1. Feed your teacup poodle

Choose the right food for your dog’s age. Dogs need different levels of protein, calories and other nutrients, depending on their age. There are different types of dog food formula dogs, adult dogs and old dogs.
Puppies: puppies need higher levels of protein, calories for growth, and calcium for bone health. If your toy poodle is less than 12 months old, feed it with specially designed dog food. These are usually labeled “pup food” or “growing” food. This is because the puppies are smaller and easier to handle with their teeth.
Adult dog: when your dog is 12 months old, feed it with food prepared for adult dogs. Let them eat food until they are about seven years old. These foods are nutritionally balanced to meet the dietary needs of adult dogs.
Premium food: when your adult toy poodle is 7 years old or older switch to premium food. These contain fewer minerals, such as phosphates, and the kidneys are found to be more difficult to deal with. Switch to premium foods, which can protect your pet’s kidney function.

2. Choose foods that are completely dry.

The choice of feeding is completely dry food or wet food, canned food and mixed biscuits. Dry food is healthier for your dog’s teeth because chewing biscuits helps keep your teeth clean. Wet foods are more attractive to toy varieties, but sticky canned or bagged foods do stick to the teeth and promote plaque formation.
If possible, have your toy poodle start with a complete dry diet to help promote tooth health. Find a food specially designed for toys to reduce the hassle of chewing garbage cans.


3. Arrange the feeding frequency according to the age of the toy poodle.

When your teacup poodle dog is a puppy, it has a smaller stomach and needs to be fed more frequently than when it is an adult