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How often do we repel the Maltese?

When raising a Maltese dog, deworming is the most important link. Because after the pup is born, the owner must first give the dog deworming. And deworming will be with the dog all his life. The parasites that perplex the dogs are divided into internal parasites and external parasites. Next, let’s take a look at when the Maltese should be treated with deworming.


1. First deworming:

Under normal circumstances, the Barkis should be screened for parasites once a month. Maltese puppy is born between 20 days and 30 days, must be carried out for the first time in vivo deworming.

2. Second deworming:

The second deworming should be about a week after weaning and before the vaccination. At this time, you can also try to bathe the Maltese dogs for an in vitro deworming. When you use the medicine, you must pay attention to the amount, and it will destroy the dog. The most common drugs are levamisole and avermectin, which can be injected or taken orally.


3. According to the specific situation:

After the first deworming, the Maltese need to do it every two to three months. When the Maltese grow to adulthood, they must be deworming once a quarter. It is worth noting here that the internal repellent must be regular. In vitro deworming must be done according to the actual situation of the dog. These two kinds of anthelmintic drugs can not be carried out at the same time. Every year, we need to do regular internal deworming for Maltese dogs; and external deworming is only for the situation at that time, that is to say, after Maltesedogs have parasites, we must carry out external deworming, regardless of whether we have done internal deworming before or after.

4. Prevention work:

However, if the owners in the daily maintenance process of the Maltese dogs, pay special attention to grooming and bathing the dogs so that the Maltese dogs will not need external deworming. Of course, the owner has to do all the precautions.