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How often do we help Maltese take a bath?

Because the hair of the Maltese is very white, some owners who love to clean up will often go to bathe the dogs. But in fact, this is the wrong way. No matter what kind of dog is, no matter what color their hair is, it is wrong to bathe frequently. The main reason is that too frequent bathing will destroy the grease protective layer on the skin of the Maltese dog, which makes the skin of the Maltese dog become dry and easy to be stimulated by the outside world, resulting in some skin diseases. How often should we help Maltese take a bath?


1. Determine according to the seasons:

Bathing can be divided according to the seasons. First of all, in terms of the hot weather, the grease secretion on the body of the Maltese dog is also relatively strong, and the skin and hair on the body are easy to be dirty. Therefore, the bath can be carried out once or twice a week, which will not be too frequent and can help the horse in time Maltese do the cleaning. When it is cooler or colder, the grease secretion of the Maltese dog will not be so strong, so it will not be very dirty if you don’t take a bath for a long time. Then the bath time can be changed to once a week. If the weather is colder, it can be once every two weeks.


2. Precautions for bathing Maltese dogs:

First of all, the owners should pay attention to the temperature of the bathwater. Even in summer, they should not use cold water to bathe the dogs. Secondly, the bath products used for bathing must be used for pets, not for human beings, because the pH is different. Finally, after bathing Maltese completely, the hair on them must be blown dry, so as to avoid catching a cold, At the same time, it can also avoid bacteria breeding, to affect their fur health

3. Precautions for bathing a Maltese dogļ¼š

(1). We should not give the Maltese dog too many baths, which will damage the dog’s skin.
(2). The most suitable water temperature for a Maltese dog to bathe is about 35-38 degrees. If the water temperature is too high, it will affect the blood supply to the dog’s brain.
(3). We must dry the Maltese dogs in time after bathing to avoid catching a cold. Wet hair is easy to cause skin diseases.
(4). When we bathe a Maltese dog, we should put cotton in the dog’s ear to avoid the inflammation caused by water entering the ear.