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How Much Water Does a Dog Drink Every Day?

People need water, vitamins, and micronutrient, and dogs are no exception. For Dogs, water is an important part of their nutrition. Lack of water can lead to digestive stagnation, loss of appetite, reduced disease resistance, and so on, when the water deficit reaches 20% may lead to dog death. Dogs can go without food for two days, but they can’t go without water for a day.


1. How much water does a dog drink per day?

Water accounts for more than 60% of adult dog weight and about 80% of puppy weight. Dogs drink an average of nine times a day and an average of 60 ml of water each time. Veterinarians believe that a dog needs 40-60 ml/kg of water a day. A 10-kilogram dog, for example, needs about 400-600 ml of water a day. There will be more water requirements in summer than in winter, but the overall change should not be large.

2. What are the symptoms of excessive water consumption in dogs?

Adult dogs need between 50 ML and 100 ml of water per kg of body weight per day, and puppies need even more. When your dog suddenly starts drinking a lot of water, you need to pay attention to it. If your dog is drinking 100 ml/kg of water a day, it’s time to go to the hospital for an adrenal function test. For a simple test, we can pull up a small piece of skin on the back of the dog’s neck and release it. If the skin is sufficiently hydrated, it will quickly return to its original position. Conversely, it will return slowly and form a small tent.

3. What kind of water do dogs drink?

Mineral water can supplement the body needs minerals, but long-term intake is not good for the body, and easy to form stones, urinary system problem dogs are not suitable for drinking. Purified water after purification, no impurities and no nutrition, long-term drinking will reduce intestinal flora function, when drinking water containing impurities, there will be diarrhea. Tap Water tap water and disinfection of chlorine gas, and from the network inflow, can not guarantee cleanliness. Cold boiled water after boiling, can reduce disinfection of chlorine, but easy to form scale, long-term drinking will also form stones. In this view, cold boiled water is the best for dogs, it is best to drink less mineral water, especially, suffering from urinary system disease, stone dogs, not suitable for drinking mineral water! However, as long as the dog does not drink the same water over a long period of time, it will not cause major problems.


For dogs who don’t like to drink water, we should find ways to encourage drinking, since drinking less water can directly lead to problems such as stones in the dog’s body, increased eye excrement, and even more serious urinary system disease. So how do you get a dog to love drinking water? We can try this method: Before the dog eats, first guide it to drink a few sips of water, then give a snack reward. When we go out for a walk, we must take a small water bottle with us and give the dog two sips of water every now and then. This helps the dog to replenish the lost water. Although it is a common thing for dogs to drink water, it can also reflect the condition and health of dogs. As owners, they must observe their dogs more carefully in order to better protect their health.