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How much walking does a Saluki need?

Salukis is a playful dog. They like to walk outside and exercise as much as possible. However, statistics show that one in five Saluki owners do not often let Salukis walk. If the behavior of not letting Saluki walk continues, it may lead to Saluki’s health problems in the long run. So how far is Saluki going?

How to make Saluki walk?

Walking your Saluki is not necessarily a chore, but there are various ways that you can walk with your Saluki instead of overwork yourself. You ask Saluki to go out into the garden, then hide the snacks around the rest room and dining room, such as in the wardrobe, under the TV, under the table, etc., and let Saluki go in and tell them to look for things. Saluki would walk around looking for these things, and it would take them an hour or two to use their nose and brain.
You can start slowly, first issue the search order, then take Saluki around and show her some of these delicacies. I’m sure she will understand soon. All Saluki are able to learn fast without stopping to walk when they have an edible motivation

Using food balls to make Saluki walk

Can you make Saluki walk with a food ball? We have breakfast in several different shapes and designs and breakfast is always provided in this form. Holes help keep the brain working and busy. When your Saluki comes out of your teeth, you can start freezing the holes, and we still freeze the holes from time to time. You use a soup cube and boiling water to make a small amount of soup. Let it cool, and then put a little penut butter in the hole at the top of the hole to make it waterproof (I believe there are many other ways to do this), which is a good way to make Saluki move and promote the movement of Saluki walking.

Using hide and seek to make Saluki walk

If you have enough time on hand, you can ask Saluki to sit down and wait, and then hide in another part of the house. Then your Saluki will walk to you. We know that our lives are very busy and it is often difficult to find time for your Saluki to walk fully. You can also seek a professional dog walking service that will ensure that your Saluki gets as much walking as possible and keeps them healthy when you don’t have time at all.

Make sure Saluki walks every day

The ideal walking distance of Saluki is 2 hours, but it is impossible in winter, because we and Saluki will not go to the park when it is dark. Some Saluki owners hate walking on the road, but their Saluki needs to walk. Saluki can walk for an hour in the morning, or about 45 minutes if she walks too fast. In the evening, Saluki trained for about half an hour at home. Saluki will get used to walking, and then he will get used to it completely and adjust well.
I think the more you walk for Saluki, the more Saluki expects, and the healthier Saluki is. I know every Saluki needs a certain amount of walking, but I don’t think any Saluki needs more than 2 hours of exercise every day. It’s better for them to be exhausted by walking than to be super healthy! Buy a Saluki.
Saluki will be happy to play in the park for a few hours, but we usually have a system of walking two to three times a day. The time of walking in the morning varies from one hour to three hours, depending on whether we go to the forest or not, how much training I did with them that day, and whether we are going to take an afternoon school walk. In the afternoon, when one or another child has extracurricular activities, Saluki and I walk through three different parks to meet them. In all of these, it takes less than two hours to walk to school. Just before the kids go to bed, you can take a 20 minute shortcut with Saluki to the park opposite the house. It sounds like a lot of exercise in a day. I think anything less than walking would drive Saluki crazy. If the behavior of not letting Saluki walk continues, it may lead to Saluki’s health problems in the long run.