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How much to feed my pup

Nowadays, there are more and more dog lovers. When you first have a dog, how much dog food should be fed is a question that many owners will ask, and in order to feed the dog scientifically, many people are The amount of dog feeding is quite precise, even accurate to the unit of grain. In fact, it is not necessary to be so fine, because a little more and a little less will not have a great impact on the dog. As long as it is roughly correct, the dog can still live a healthy life. How much to feed my puppies?

how much to feed my puppy

First, generally, the amount of feedingyourpuppies will be stated on the packaging bag of dog food. For dogs of different ages, the amount and method of feeding are also different. Puppies usually follow the principle of eating less and more meals. Generally you can eat about 8 minutes full each time. If it is not a good judgment, the owner can feed more at the first time, and then they will see how much the dog has eaten. When feeding the dog next time, about 80% of the food is eaten. However, some puppies don’t know about temperance, they eat as much as they feed, so it may not be very suitable. So after feeding, you should touch your dog’s belly. If you feel that your dog’s belly is hard, you probably have fed too much. Next time, reduce the amount appropriately.


Second, many owners still have certain misunderstandings in terms of feeding. For example, when they see the dog eating quickly, they feel that the dog is hungry, so they feed the dog in large quantities. This is wrong, because the food is not fast. It must mean that yourdog is hungry, but a dietary habit evolved by young dogs for a long time. In addition, it’s not that the more you eat, the healthier your dog will be. Excessive food may lead to overnutrition, causing bones to grow too fast, leading to abnormal bone development.


Third, each dog has a different eating standard. It should be based on the actual situation. It does not need to be so precise when feeding. Sometimes it is better to feed a little less than to eat too much. Once it has been fed It often leads to diarrhea and vomiting, which can easily cause the dog’s physique to decline and contract diseases, so be carefulwhen feeding yourpuppies.