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How much to feed Doberman puppies?

As a large working dog breed, the doberman has a relatively large food intake, and it is mostly used in special places such as the military and police. Although the Doberman looks more ferocious, there are many dog lovers who love it. So how to raise a Doberman Pinscher?

Food intake and feeding methods of Doberman puppies

Three months to seven months is the period when Doberman puppies grow flesh and body. Four meals a day, half a catty per meal, which can fully meet the growth needs. You’d better remember some cooked minced meat in the dog food to supplement its protein. Eight to ten months is the period of body height and bone mass. At this time, the dog food should be small and brittle and get more sunshine. When it grows to one year old, it can be fed twice a day, a catty and a half. Dogs are not afraid of being hungry, and they will suffer from problems when they eat too much.

At least half of the excellent dry dog food can be fed directly to Doberman puppies as long as it is mixed with water or broth, or fresh or canned meat can be added to the dog. All kinds of canned meats may be 100% meat or mixed with other things; or a fully prepared full meal, including meat and cereals. There are also several kinds of fast food in bags. Just open the bag and pour it directly onto the plate. It’s that simple.

 How much to feed Doberman puppies

However, it would be better to add some canned meat food to feed dry food with heated water. Leftover meat or ground beef can sometimes be added. It is recommended that you use canned meat, because canned meat is better than fresh meat due to the addition of vitamins and other nutrients. Of course, the two meats can also be fed in turns.

If you like it better and the Doberman puppies are in good condition, of course you can feed ground beef. Dogs like changes in the meat in their food, and canned meat can easily meet their needs. Existing canned meat includes many kinds, beef cuts, beef dregs, beef stew, chicken, lamb, liver, and various mixed meats.

Doberman’s life habits

The Doberman is a strong and powerful dog breed. It mainly serves as a guard. After training, it can become a search dog, hunting dog and shepherd dog. The character is bold, sensitive, resolute and decisive. Doberman is a natural guard dog, smart, strong, and capable of attacking. Strictly managed by breeders, they can become loyal and affectionate partners.

Doberman Pinscher has a smooth, streamlined physique. The Doberman has amazing weight and strength. In order to restrain its potential aggression, breeders should use heart training to let them exercise fully and maintain their regular vigorous posture. It is suitable for urban life. It is resistant to heat and cold, has a short coat, does not require frequent grooming, and is easy to train, but it is not easy to get along with other dogs.

Strong defensiveness and high multiplicity

Doberman Pinscher is very sensitive to changes in the external environment, even small changes will show strong defensiveness and alertness. Compared with German Shepherds, it is more alert. high.


Energetic Dobermans can handle the busy work of beetling dogs, no matter how hard the training is, they will not complain, but strictly and meticulously complete the command issued by the owner.

Ability to imitate, insight and memory

Doberman can show amazing imitating ability in jumping, barking and other training, this is because it has unusual insight and can explore the details of the deep features of things, you’d better imprint it firmly in your mind, and retrieve it at any time in future training.

Calm and wise

Despite the fierce nature of the Spaniel, after several generations of improvements, the calm and wise part has gradually expanded in its character. Especially in an emergency, Doberman will not be panicked, but will make full use of the skills they have mastered to deal with emergencies and minimize the danger.