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How much to feed corgi puppy?

Many dog owners of corgi puppy take their puppies home because they like it. However, after returning home, they found that there were many problems when they raised them. They were worried that if they did not raise them, it would affect the healthy development of the puppies. The owners must try to understand and study, especially in terms of feeding and maintenance, the most basic and the most critical, they play an irreplaceable role in the entire feeding process. So, if you have a corgi puppy, how should you feed it?

Many of the Corgis puppies that parents buy back from pet shops are puppies that are about two months old and have just been weaned. At this time, the dog’s body resistance is still relatively weak, and parents need to take care of it carefully. The first thing to do is to establish a deep relationship with it and make it dependent on you so that it can become obedient. In addition, dog owners should pay attention to: Dogs over three months old must be vaccinated. After the vaccinations are completed, they are not allowed to take their dogs out for walking and bathing within a week.

How much to feed corgi puppy?

Small Corgi is weak in vitality and is not suitable for outdoor sports. First of all, you must be clear and had better not rush to take the dog to play outside. The poor resistance of the puppy can easily contract diseases outside, especially some infectious viruses pose a serious threat to the puppy’s life. Generally, you should take the puppy to play and walk. At least after the vaccine is successfully completed, the puppy’s resistance is improved, so that it is safe.

In terms of feeding, the intestinal digestion of puppies is also very weak, and the owner should avoid some food that is too dry and hard. It is recommended to soak puppies and dog food in warm water before feeding them. Human food should not be fed to dogs. Even if it is often begging for food at your table, the owner must not be soft-hearted, because many ingredients in our food are for dogs. Dogs are harmful to their health, and puppies are more likely to get sick after eating.

Canned dog meat is fragrant, but in fact, the main raw materials are animal offal. Their function is to coax the greedy little Labrador to eat dry dog food, and has no real nutritional value.

The owner should develop the habit of regular feeding, and you’d better not give it casual snacks. Many of the meat, milk, vegetables, and fruits we eat are indigestible by the little Labrador, which can easily cause terrible diarrhea.

The maintenance work of the little Corgi cannot be ignored. The puppy does not need to take a bath, so owners ought to pay more attention to hygiene to prevent the puppy from getting too dirty. Dog kennel hygiene, dog food hygiene, dog toilet hygiene, etc. also need the help of the owner to give the dog a healthy living environment so that it can grow up better.

This is basically the job of raising corgi puppies. Of course, the Corgi owner can also carry out some self-care ability training for the puppies, such as going to the toilet is very important, the puppies can carry out some simple training, but also to lay the foundation for the future.