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How much to feed a Yorkie puppy?

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small long-haired dog with a petite body and a long coat that can cover the feet. Owners like to tie the long coat of Yorkshire terrier into various beautiful braids. Yorkshire puppies are very photographed, which will definitely attract the attention and love of passers-by. Yorkshire terriers are smart, lively, and coquettish. They are very popular pet dogs. How to raise Yorkshire puppies?

First of all, it is best to eat dog milk powder or soak dog food for Yorkshire terrier puppies who have just given birth to the full moon. The Yorkshire terrier puppies this month are too young. The owner must not feed milk, meat, snacks, etc., so that the stomach is not suitable, and it is easy to have diarrhea and indigestion. Moreover, the owner should always keep careful, because the Yorkshire is a single layer of silk wool, which is afraid of freezing. At this time, the Yorkshire terrier puppies are too small and have weak bones. Owners should be careful when holding Yorkshire puppies. They should take care of Yorkshire puppies just as a baby.

How much to feed a Yorkie puppy?

Yorkshire puppies are more picky eaters, the owner must be careful and patient when feeding, and you had better not give Yorkshire puppies too much food that you like. It is recommended that the owner should try to give Yorkshire terrier puppies special dog food for Yorkshire terriers, otherwise it will affect the dog’s coat color and its health. In addition, the Yorkshire terrier puppies don’t need much activity temporarily, so you can take them directly at home. After getting older, the owner can take Yorkshire puppies out for activities when Yorkshire puppies’ immunity is strengthened. But when going out, it’s better to put the dog in the basket, which is safer for your Yorkshire puppies.

From the day the Yorkshire puppies can walk, owners ought to let them develop clean and hygienic habits, and let them urinate and defecate in designated places, so that the home will be kept clean and not too messy. Also, you should groom the dog every day. The hair around the mouth of the Yorkshire puppies cannot be trimmed, because the hair here is not easy to grow. You can trim the long hair that hangs down from the forehead of the Yorkshire terrier yourself, but it is worth mentioning that the owner must be careful not to hurt the dog when trimming the hair of the Yorkshire terrier puppy.

The last thing deserved to be noted is that the owner must pay more attention to the mental state and appetite of the Yorkshire puppies. If the Yorkshire puppies suddenly do not like to eat or are not active, owner had better pay attention to check whether the dog is sick. The owner should send the Yorkshire puppies to the pet hospital for treatment in time.