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How much to feed a puppy golden retriever

Golden Retriever is a large dog and has certain requirements on the breeding environment. It also eats a lot. The molting season will affect the hygiene environment. Therefore, you must first prepare your mind before buying and get the consent of your family members, otherwise you will be very conflicted in the future. This article mainly introduces how much to feed a puppy golden retriever.

First, feed regularly and quantitatively

Feeding is not irregular. Drinking water is sufficient for a long time. At present, it is best to have 4 meals a day. After the puppy golden retriever gradually reduce the number of times and increase the weight. You could give it 15 minutes to eat, and put it away when time is up. Dog food ofa puppy golden retriever should not be placed in it for a long time before.


Second, the staple food

It is recommended to buy puppies with good reputation such as Royal. If you have more conditions, you can buy natural foods such as avocado, snow mountain and so on. You’d better soak it in water and feed it. You’d better not feed the food that ordinary people eat.


Third, other food

The baby milk powder is diluted slightly and fed 2 times a day (don’t drink fresh milk).

Recommendation: Nestle milk powder and hard-boiled eggs. The owner can feed golden retriever puppies with egg yolks once a day. At the beginning, you can feed 1/4 of them, you can see the digestion gradually increase to the whole one. You can feed a whole egg after you grow up to 8 months.

How much to feed a puppy golden retriever


After the vaccine, it can be dewormed in about 3 months. Buy anthelmintic drugs with small side effects. How slow your golden retriever puppy eats, it is estimated that there are worms in its belly. In addition, the owner must ensure the baby’s sleep. It’s time to go to bed one hour after eating, the owner should not disturb him.


The owner should regularly vaccinate the Golden Retriever dog, as well as internal and external deworming to ensure the health of the dog. The golden retriever is a hunting dog and needs a moderate amount of exercise. The owner needs to take the dog out for exercise regularly every day. You’d better not to give Golden Retriever human food. Human food contains a lot of oil, salt and condiments, which will have a serious impact on the health of dogs. Research suggests that Golden Retriever should be fed natural dog food with low salt and oil.