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How much to feed a pitbull puppy

How much to feed a pitbull puppy? The juvenile period is the main stage of dog growth and development. The body grows rapidly, so adequate nutrition must be provided. This article mainly introduces how much to feed a pitbull puppy.

Generally, the first 3 months after birth are mainly to increase body and weight, 4-6 months are mainly to increase body length, and after 7 months, the main body is to increase body height. Therefore, the owner should prepare different diets according to different developmental stages. Pitbull puppies after weaning are often disturbed due to sudden changes in their living conditions. Pitbull puppies are prone to loss of appetite and easy to get sick. At this time, the selected feed should be palatable and easy to digest. Pitbull puppies within 3 months are fed at least 4 times a day. For dogs with poor appetite, you can use the method of feeding first, then feeding well, and feeding less frequently. Doing it first can keep the dog’s appetite strong and avoid getting tired and picky. Pitbull puppies from 4 to 6 months of age increase their food intake and weight quickly, and their daily feed requirements also increase. Feeding your pitbull puppy at least 3 times a day is necessary. Dogs after 6 months of age can be fed twice a day.

The recipes for newly purchased Pitbull puppies should be fed according to the original owner’s recipes and gradually changed. Pit puppies within 3 months of age should be fed porridge, milk or soy milk, and appropriate amount of chopped fish, meat, and chopped cooked vegetables. In order to reduce the cost of feed without affecting the nutrition of Pitbull puppies, the owner can cook and chop organs such as pigs and cattle lungs, mix them with cooked foods such as vegetables and cornmeal, and then feed the dogs. This is economical, and dogs love to eat.

In the breeding of Pitbull puppies, water is absolutely indispensable. You should always put a basin of clean water in a fixed place so that it can drink freely before and after eating and exercising. If the dog can drink enough clean water from an early age, it can develop normal and healthy gastrointestinal. Especially in summer and autumn, the weather is hot and the body water evaporates quickly, especially for active Pitbull puppies. If you do not add water in time, it is easy to cause water shortage in the tissues, and even cause dehydration and affect the health of the dog. You could let the dog drink some glucose water (1~2 tablespoons of glucose powder, add appropriate amount of clean water) after daily exercise.

How much to feed a pitbull puppy

Pitbull puppies’ feed should be supplemented with calcium powder and vitamins, which are necessary for the growth of teeth and bones. Especially purebred dogs with larger skeletons, such as boxers, great danes, etc., require calcium during the puppies period. Usually, for Pitbull puppies under 1 year old, one part of daily calcium supplement is about 1 teaspoon for every 2 kg of body weight. With age, the dosage of calcium powder should be increased proportionally. After 1 year old, because the dog has entered the mature stage, the growth of teeth and bones has stabilized, and the need for calcium powder is relatively reduced. The dosage is about 1 teaspoon per day for every 4.5 kilograms of body weight. But there should be an appropriate amount of outdoor exercise every day, after ultraviolet radiation, in order to facilitate the absorption of calcium. Too much calcium powder is harmful and useless.

In terms of breeding and management, Pitbull puppies need more energy from their owners than adult dogs, and it is necessary to prevent a few Pitbull puppies from overeating. The daily food intake of each dog should be determined by the size of the dog, which depends on the observation of the breeder. Generally speaking, the degree of saturation can be seen from the performance of the dog’s feeding. If the dog eats quickly and swallows, it means that there is no problem with the appetite. After eating, there is no food left in the food bowl, indicating that the dog is fed too much and may be overfull; if the dog continues to lick or lick with the tongue on the empty food bowl, this shows that the Pitbull is not full.


Pitbull puppies should not be fed or overfilled, and 70% to 80% full is the best. In addition, since the gastrointestinal tract of Pitbull puppies is still developing, it is necessary to pay more attention to hygiene to prevent gastrointestinal diseases. Ensure that there are meat and staple food (noodles or rice). The specific combination is random. Adding a little bran is for the good intestines and stomach of the dog, and the stool is formed without diarrhea. The addition of vegetables is for the comprehensive nutrition. The meat is mainly chicken racks, mainly pork and beef.