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How much to feed a labrador puppy

There are many kinds of homemade dog food recipes for Labrador, so how much to feed a Labrador puppy? When raising Labrador, if the family’s conditions permit, we buy some finished dog food so that it can be better fed, and Labrador puppies don’t eat a lot, and at the same time, Labrador puppies must be fed at a fixed time and a fixed number of grams, so that the Labrador will not have gastrointestinal diseases.

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Breeding Labrador is a science, and it must be understood. It must be knowledge of breeding, nursing, and training. In addition to asking someone with breeding experience and exploring on your own, you should also pay attention to collecting some newspapers and magazines. It is best to have a knowledge book on pet breeding and care. If you encounter some common-sense problems, you can look it up so that you can solve it yourself. This will make your Labrador more healthy. What kind of dog food does Labrador eat? Everyone knows that a Labrador puppy must eat dog food so that the Labrador can survive healthily. Only fresh chicken is added, and deep-sea fish meat will not have any animal by-products. For the national series of products, dog food with more than 50% of meat content is deemed to meet the physiological and nutritional needs of dogs. And the taste of dog food is pure and fresh. Dogs also love to eat. And it helps the dog absorb, and digest to reach 50%.


For puppies’ dog food, how much to feed a Labrador puppy is vital, and there is also a requirement for the daily meal. It is best to feed Labrador puppies 4 times a day. When the dog grows to 5 months to 8 months, the dog food should be reduced by one meal a day. From birth to three months of age, the number of grams of dog food fed is controlled from 165 grams to 275 grams. At the age of 3 months to 5 months, the dog food should be controlled at 300 grams to 385 grams. When the dog grows to 5 months to 7 months old, it is advisable to control the number of grams to be fed at 440 grams to 520 grams. With the continuous increase of the dog’s age, the dog’s diet and care are also very important. But when the dog is still a puppy, about two or two dog food per meal is enough, and the water is always with the dog. In the series of dog food, some dog food products have added hair beauty ingredients and deep-sea fish oil, which will make the dog’s hair more beautiful and beautiful. The other is to increase the high content of European and American eggplant, which will strengthen the bones and promote their bone development, and the high content of animal protein and a reasonable calcium-phosphorus ratio will meet all the trace elements required for bone development and enhance the dog’s physical fitness. And we must feed the dogs scientifically to promote the healthy growth of the dogs.


Feeding Labrador dog food is essential. Because professional dog food is developed based on Labrador’s body structure and growing nutritional needs, it is the most suitable and healthy food for Labrador. For Labrador, preparing a single dog food seems far from enough. So some other foods should be prepared in daily life. For example, fresh vegetables, meat, dog biscuits, canned dog food, and other foods are fed to Labrador with each other. Labrador puppies are still very small. You’d better give your dog better dog food. You shouldn’t give it three meals with ham, salt, and oil. Labrador puppies should be fed on time and according to the amount. Three to four meals a day of dog food. Because it is small, eat less and eat frequently to prevent the Labrador’s gastrointestinal discomfort and cause other intestinal problems. The disease is not worth the loss.