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How much to feed a Great Dane puppy?

Before weaning, Great Dane puppies can get most of the essential nutrients from their mother’s milk. Before the Great Dane pup moved to the new house, it should have been completely weaned and had just started to eat solid food. Then it will completely rely on its new host family to produce a balanced diet to get all the nutrients it needs. In order to ensure that the Great Dane puppy is cheerful and healthy, it is very important to show balanced nutrients during its growth and development stage. The basic nutrients that Great Dane puppies and adult dogs need are the same, but because they have grown rapidly, they need more nutrients. Like people’s babies, Great Dane puppies have small stomachs, so they must eat small, frequent meals.

The configuration of Great Dane puppies’ ingredients

(1) The ingredients are high in nutrients to ensure that they can get sufficient nutrients when they are full.

(2) Food materials are easy to digest so that they can digest and absorb nutrients to a greater extent.

(3) The diet must be balanced to show suitable nutrients. Consider the special needs of the Great Dane puppies, and the ingredients can only be eaten by the Great Dane puppies.

It is very complicated to prepare a kind of nutritional mix that is beneficial to the growth of Great Dane puppies. Fortunately, feeding Great Dane puppies is hard not to be as complicated as it sounds. The highly nutritious foods that are professionally designed for the Great Dane to become a talent make it easier and easier to feed a Great Dane that is physically and mentally healthy. It enables the Great Dane to become strong and talented. When the Great Dane puppy is still breastfeeding, it must be prepared in advance for Gudeng 1 milk formula goat milk powder, the nutritional ingredients are equivalent to the milk, there is no need to worry about its lack of nutrition.

How much to feed a Great Dane puppy

But it must be emphasized that each Great Dane pup must be different, some must be more, some must be less. Whether your feeding amount is suitable can be seen from the health of the Great Dane puppy. You’d better measure the weight of your Great Dane puppies on time and write it down to check whether the growth rate of the Great Dane pup matches the feeding amount. Then, you can make adjustments to prevent it from getting fat or losing weight.

Generally speaking, the meal time for a Great Dane puppy should be 10-15 minutes. Throwing away the remaining ingredients after the meal is necessary. Great Dane puppies must have their own containers for eating and drinking, and they should be kept clean and separated from other containers in the house. You must also show plenty of fresh water for the Great Dane puppy. If you find that your Great Dane pup has been thirsty, you should consult a veterinarian, as this may be a sign of the Great Dane pup getting sick.

Common feeding problems of Great Dane puppies

  1. There is no need to allow Great Dane puppies to have the opportunity to swallow pork bones, pork ribs or fish bones, because they will stay in the throat and then rupture. If they do not stay in the throat, they will slide into the body and pierce the stomach mucosa and intestines.
  2. There is no need to let the Great Dane pups eat everyone’s leftovers. Since domestic dogs have different nutritional requirements from people, if people’s recipes are used to maintain dog food, it will not only take time and effort, but also the dogs will not adapt to the way to take in detailed and balanced nutrients that should be dominated by dog food. This type of concentrated feed is prepared through effective methods, refreshing, full of nutrients, very easy to digest, and very convenient to apply. According to the survey, dogs who eat dog food for a long time live about a third longer than dogs who do not eat dog food. And the feeling, breath and the smell of feces will also be relieved a lot, which is a very good welfare for dogs living in apartment buildings.
  3. There is no need to give the Great Dane puppies snacks in the middle of each meal. If it follows other training, it can be given a small amount of snacks to show motivation.