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How much to feed a german shepherd puppy

The German Shepherd puppy is the third most intelligent puppy in the world, has a strong body and good look, is welcomed, but when we buy it we don’t know how to feed it, so what do we do?

feed a german shepherd puppy

Something to pay attention

When the German Shepherd puppy first bought a home, there were a lot of problems to pay attention to, especially the feeding problem of the German Shepherd puppy, many owners do not have any breeding experience, so this has also brought a lot of trouble to our breeding, if you want to take better care of your German Shepherd puppy, then you have to know how to feed the Yangzhou German Shepherd puppy, and it’s nice to have a good German Shepherd puppy, so what should we do?

From a young age

German Shepherd puppies are raised mostly from a young age. The digestion and absorption function of the puppy is not yet sound, and some puppies are very greedy, it is easy to eat too much cause vomiting diarrhea, if treatment is not timely, often die. PET NOT “pet” into, happy into sad. Generally speaking, the puppy that just bought from the market, because hungry and thirsty, the new owner lets them eat gluttony, causes vomiting, and diarrhea most easily.

Don’t overfeed

Make sure you don’t overfeed your German Shepherd puppy on its first feeding, as this can easily damage its still unsound stomach, and don’t let your overprotection get the better of it.

How much to feed

1. For the owners of the first German Shepherd puppy, they simply feed the German shepherd as a food, as if feeding is the only purpose in life, and they worry that the puppy won’t get enough to eat, so they feed the puppy many times a day, it’s understandable that owners love puppies, but how do you feed a puppy scientifically if you’re feeding it for the very first time, which can lead to death and disease, says German Shepherd puppy, a professor of Animal Health at the University of California, San Diego?

2. When they get home, the German Shepherd puppies have to give them water first, then food. … In the first few days, we usually feed our pups…

2. The best food to feed is puppy food sold in the market. This kind of food nutrition is both rich proportion and appropriate is advantageous to the puppy’s digestion absorption. In addition, it is best to consult an experienced person or animal doctor when starting a puppy and take it to an animal hospital for a health check, vaccination, and deworming plan.

The first time to raise German Shepherd puppy puppies, do not know scientific breeding management, always afraid of starvation, then continuously or a large number of food, resulting in illness, or even death, especially German Shepherd puppies, due to excessive feeding caused by illness or death.

3. In order to take better care of the German Shepherd puppy, we should learn the puppy’s feeding method with an open mind, so as to ensure that everyone keeps a good German Shepherd puppy, and the puppy will be very happy. A healthy German Shepherd puppy will bring you a lot of enjoyment and touching.

Keep healthy

We spend a long time to finally buy their hearts of German Shepherd puppy, the next day we have to do a master should fulfill the obligations, German Shepherd puppy first came to a strange environment, will instinctively have their own psychological state of resistance, but owners do not alienate, in order to consider the German shepherd picture of health, we had better do the following.

  1. Newly purchased German Shepherd puppy puppies should be injected immediately with a serum or Immunoglobulin to strengthen the system.
  2. Do not immediately give the puppy a bath, should be in the puppy after a few days to adapt to the new environment, and eat excreted under the premise of normal, then give the puppy a bath.
  3. After arriving home should control the puppy’s food quantity, below the normal food quantity feeds, a few days increase slowly to the normal food quantity.
  4. If there is anything suspicious about the puppy, please call your doctor immediately. If necessary, take your puppy to the Animal Hospital as soon as possible to avoid irreversible consequences.