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How much to feed a French bulldog puppy

The French bulldog belongs to the breed of poor skin and gastrointestinal dog. If the puppy is newly received, the owner can put it in the cage and let it adapt for 1-2 hours. It cannot be fed immediately to avoid stress. You’d better give some pure water before feeding. When giving dry dog food for the first time, you are able to give a few tablets first. If the dog can simply chew, there is no problem; if the dog swallows whole, it is best to give it dry. After the dog food time is postponed, you can soak the dog food (one teaspoon each of the developable milk powder) in warm water for 15 minutes. The amount of dry dog food may not exceed the disposable paper cup half full. It is recommended to eat less for the first two days and gradually adapt to the environment. normal. So how much to feed a French bulldog puppy?

how much to feed french bulldog puppy

Feeding principle of French bulldog puppy?

The feeding principle of a normal diet is a fixed time. If the French bulldog puppy can’t finish the dog food in 15 minutes, you should take it immediately. For puppies 6 months ago, 3 meals a day are recommended, and 2 meals a day over 6 months. The amount of each meal can be gradually increased according to the weight. The stool is the standard for determining health. Healthy feces are shaped and moderately dry, generally black or yellowish-brown. If the feces are too dry, this proves that the food that the dog eats is not comprehensive enough. You can eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat food with sufficient water to lubricate the intestines. If it is too moist, not shaped, or sticky, it means that the dog is not fully digested or eating too much.


You can occasionally add some egg yolk to supplement nutrition before 6 months, and add chicken breast and other meats after 6 months. During this period, if you change dog food of French bulldog puppy, you must slowly mix with the transition in proportion, usually a week is the best for your French bulldog puppy.



French bulldog puppies may occasionally diarrhea or even carry blood due to weak intestines and stomachs. If you rule out the possibility of insects, the owner can buy norfloxacin capsules (one and a half capsules twice a day) at a human pharmacy and use a needle to inject the probiotics of the development treasure Put it into the puppies’ mouth, usually within 1-2 days. Occasionally, when puppies are fasting, their gastric juice may thicken and cause vomiting. This is a normal phenomenon during gastric sweeping. You’d better not worry too much. If you vomit frequently, your French bulldog puppy needs to be sent to the doctor immediately. In general, how much to raise French bulldog puppies is something worthy of your careful attention.