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How much to feed a dachshund puppy

How much to feed a dachshund puppy? Feeding a dachshund puppy should be based on nutritionally balanced dog food. Puppies are fed four times a day, adult dogs are fed twice a day, and owners should give regular and quantitative feeding. According to the size of the dachshund, feed about 150-300 grams and the same amount of cooked dry vegetarian every day Materials, food should be clean and fresh, and tableware should be cleaned and disinfected frequently.

In the process of raising dachshunds, food of dachshund puppies must be the mainstay, because dogs need breastfeeding when they are very young, and they can choose professional dog food for a certain period of time. An eight-week-old dog can feed dog food four times a day. It can be reduced to twice after adulthood.

Attention of the dachshund

Dachshunds are really greedy dog breeds, when they see what they eat, they will come over and want a little bit of food. It is recommended not to eat human food for dogs. On the one hand, the food composition is suitable for dogs. On the other hand, it is easy to develop the habit of picking up the dog’s mouth, and even the bad habit of getting angry if you don’t eat it in the future. It is better to use canned food except for special circumstances. On the one hand, the mouth of a dog who eats canned food is really smelly, and on the other hand, it is picky. If you want to give your dog some nutrition or snacks, you can wait for the dog to grow up and feed it.

how much to feed a dachshund puppy

Food of the dachshund

The main food of the dachshund is best imported dog food. It is good for a dog to eat as long as a seven-point full. You’d better not overdo it. You should let it lick the bowl and lick it proudly. Eating too much plus running and jumping after a meal will easily leave it intact, and then spit it out. Puppies who are kept in cages all the year round, eating is their rare entertainment, so they will be very greedy, owners should not be fooled by them, thinking they are really hungry by mistake.

According to the size of a dachshund puppy’s dog, 150-300 grams of meat and the same amount of cooked and dried vegetable should be fed every day. Meat should be cooked with water, chopped, and mixed with a little boiled water and mixed with dry ingredients before feeding. You had better feed at the prescribed time and place, and let it eat within 15-25 minutes, and not delay the time in order to develop good habits. Feed must be clean and fresh every time. Tableware such as bowls should be washed frequently and clean drinking water should be provided.

After eating, you ought to be sure to meet the dog’s activity level, and you are able to take a walk with it at least twice a day, at least 20 minutes at a time. And after returning, owners of a dachshund puppy must not forget to clean up the dust and sludge on the dog. You can wipe the body with a wet towel to keep the coat clean.