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How much to feed a boxer puppy

Boxers are the most popular German-born dogs in the United States. This passage will introduce the breeding of boxer puppies in detail here.

Boxer puppies need to be raised in an environment that is not too hot but not too cold. They should be raised in a temperature-controlled room. You should pay attention to the time period when you take them for a walk. So keep them indoors with air-conditioning and heating equipment. Walking in the hot weather in midsummer is dangerous for dehydration, so in the early morning when the temperature has not yet risen and the night when the sun sets and cools down, you can take your boxer puppy there, and work hard to deal with the heat during the walk. For the maintenance of boxer dog’s coat, there is no moulting period for boxer dogs. It’s a good choice to brush their teeth occasionally to keep the skin clean. The maintenance of boxer dog’s coat is simple and it is enough to brush occasionally. Because it is a single coat that has almost no hair loss like Prudor and the season, there is no need to worry about preventing hair loss during the replacement period. However, you’d better use shampoo to keep your skin clean when it is dirty or on hot days.

how much to feed a boxer puppy

Although puppies of any breed have to eat a lot, boxer puppies need more professional treatment. Due to their size and health risks, boxers must be fed a specific diet according to a carefully planned schedule. Starting from your boxer being a puppy is perfect training for adults. You ought to choose puppy food formulated for large dogs. Their fat, protein, or calorie content is not as good as other puppy foods, and they help prevent health problems that boxers are particularly susceptible to, such as hip dysplasia. Owners should feed your boxer puppy at least twice as much food as an adult eats. Adult boxers usually eat about two cups of food a day, so feed him about four cups a day until he is 6 months old, referring to the partial guidelines for your puppy food packaging.

You could divide your boxer puppy’s food into several meals. Boxers have a higher risk of bloated, which is a life-threatening disease, often caused by eating too fast. Instead of feeding your puppy twice a day, you should feed your boxer puppy a small amount of meals throughout the day at the scheduled time.

Monitoring the weight of your boxer puppies is vital. When you hold your boxer puppy, you should be able to feel his ribs, so if you can’t, you should slow down his food intake. On the contrary, if you can see his ribs, increase his food intake.