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How much to feed a beagle puppy?

First of all, owners have to take time to feed and accompany the beagle puppies every day. You can endure the inconvenience caused by the dog (smell, falling hair, barking, etc.), and you have to pay for it (annual vaccinations and deworming) Medicine, food expenses for dogs, expenses for going to the hospital when sick)

Dog food for a beagle puppy

The best food for beagle puppies is dog food. If you can’t give it dog food and eat homemade food, you’d better pay attention to matching to ensure balanced nutrition. Animal offal (do not feed pig liver for a long time, it will be poisoned), meat, corn meal, fish meat (the hard spines of fish may be stuck, it is best to pick), carrots, etc., can be dog food. It is fed after cooking with almost no salt. In addition, and it is necessary to mix a little warm water when feeding puppy dog food.

Number of feedings: birth-12 weeks: 4-5 times per day; 12 weeks-4 months: feeding 3-4 times per day; 4 months-1 year old: feeding 2 times per day; after one year old: feeding 1 times per day. The puppies have poor ability to control hunger. They should be fed according to the feeding amount in the dog food manual to prevent the beagle puppies from eating too full and causing gastrointestinal diseases.

The nutritional elements of a beagle puppy

Dogs are omnivorous animals, they want to eat everything that humans eat, but the nature is still more carnivorous. Therefore, it is better to feed more foods containing animal protein, especially for puppies at a proper developmental stage, about 8-9 grams of protein per kilogram per day. There are many ways to eat animal protein, such as beef, fish, chicken, eggs, beef liver or chicken liver, and milk. But generally speaking, fish is the most abundant protein and should be fed as much as possible for the puppy. The nutrient second only to protein is fat. Beagle puppies need twice as much as adult dogs. Meat and dairy products are still indispensable sources of fat for puppies to grow. However, it is safer to cook fish in water. Vitamins are an important factor affecting dogs’ physical strength and metabolism.

how much to feed a beagle puppy

Healthy dogs can synthesize vitamin C in the body, but other foods containing vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 etc. need to be supplemented by the owner. Therefore, when arranging three meals for the dog, this type of food should be included in the menu. Mix beef liver, chicken liver, eggs, dairy products, etc. into its food. The problem is that dogs may not like to eat these foods, so at the beginning, you should mix some foods that they usually love and let the dogs eat. In this way, there will be no deviations in the nutrition support, or vitamin deficiency.

Reasonable and nutritional ratio of dog food.

Beagle puppies: meat 35% cereal 33%

Foods that are not suitable for beagle puppies

When dogs see their family members eating big fish and delicious snacks at the table, they will be greedy and want to eat. However, in order to take into account its health, all foods are not available except for meals. You ought to feed the beagle puppies again.

  1. Fish and milk just taken out of the freezer (easy to cause diarrhea)
  2. Squid, octopus, shellfish, shrimp, crab and other seafood (not easy to digest)
  3. Chicken bones and fish bones are sharp and hard, which can easily stab the mouth and digestive organs, and they cannot be fed. (Sometimes cause intestinal bleeding)
  4. Desserts and preserves (will be the main cause of tooth decay and obesity)
  5. Irritating spices such as ginger, curry powder, and chili are too irritating to the stomach
  6. Foods with high salt content.
  7. Non-digestible foods such as shiitake mushrooms and freshly ground may cause diarrhea or vomiting.
  8. Onions have the toxicity of dissolving red blood cells, which may cause hematuria or anemia after ingestion.
  9. Chocolate may also produce toxic substances and cause urinary incontinence, cramps, and hypnotism.
  10. Some dogs can cause diarrhea as soon as they drink milk. In such a situation, they can be fed yogurt.
  11. Puppies should never feed ham sausage, sausage, fish shreds and other foods containing preservatives and pigments.
  12. Do not eat watermelon for dogs, and try not to eat other melon fruits, which may cause diarrhea.

Attention to the breeding of new beagle dogs

  1. It is best to inject serum or immunoglobulin immediately for newly bought puppies to strengthen the system.
  2. The owner should never bathe the dog right away. The dog should be bathed after a few days of adapting to the new environment and normal eating and excretion.
  3. After getting home, the dog’s food intake should be controlled, and the food should be lower than the normal food intake, and gradually increase to the normal food intake within a few days.
  4. If the newly bought puppies have any suspicious conditions, it’s time tocall the doctor immediately. If necessary, take the dog to the animal hospital as soon as possible to avoid irreversible.