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How much to feed 8 week old puppy

According to statistics, more than 80% of puppies who have just arrived home have died of severe dehydration caused by diarrhea! This is a fact that can be investigated. The dog owner may wonder if the infectious disease caused by the cold has taken the baby’s life. However, cold is only a catalyst for diarrhea. The most fundamental cause of death is also the most easily overlooked by dog owners, which is your dry dog food feeding method for puppies! How much to feed 8 week old puppy?

how much to feed 8 week old puppy

Many dog owners often feed their puppies with seemingly very small amounts of dry dog food, and they find that they are always hungry and look hungry. Therefore, the dog owner will also think that the more they eat, the better they will be. As everyone knows, this is the first step to let the puppy go deadly, because the puppy’s gluttony makes it not aware of the danger of over-satisfaction, and excessive consumption of dry dog food will bring fatal harm to the puppy!


Veterinarians found in the clinic that almost all puppies who came to see a doctor with diarrhea had been fed dry feed. Dry dog food is equivalent to the nature of compressed biscuits. It swells when exposed to water and its volume is 3 times the volume of dry feed. Studies have shown that puppies around four to eight weeks are recommended to eat soft dog food.


How to make dog food of 8 week old puppy?

You’d better soak the dog food in hot water. After about 5-10 minutes, the dog food will expand and become soft because it is full of water. At this time, if there is excess water that can be drained, then the dog can be fed.


In addition, if the puppy eats soft-soaked dog food, the amount of water will usually be reduced. The reason is that dog food is rich in water, so the water intake is sufficient.


Sometimes a more careful dad or mom will find that the puppy does not drink water. This is normal. After starting to eat dry dog food, they will start to drink water.


How much is appropriate to 8 week old puppy?

The puppies of about eight weeks have small stomachs, but they have a strong appetite, and they seem to not eat enough every meal! As a qualified shit shovel officer, the frequency of meals should be determined according to their age.


Feeding the dogs too much can cause them to die, or induce gastrointestinal diseases, such as small, so be careful to eat small meals!

2-3 months: feed about 4 times a day

4-6 months: feed 2-3 times a day

Over 6 months: feed 2 times a day

Attention for 8 week old puppy

1. Most of them are 4-8 week old when they receive them

Four to eight week old dogs eat about one-third of disposable paper cups per meal, and small dogs can reduce it accordingly.


2. After three months, it can change from blisters to semi-wet and slowly transition to dry dog food.

In the past, the dog food may be soaked until it is very soft and then fed. Slowly, the soaking time can be shortened, so that the puppy will gradually get used to the harder dog food, and finally it can be completely dry in about 10 days.


Usually we also suggest that in the process of converting into dry dog food, the owner can deliberately take one or two dry dog food and give it to the puppies, so that the puppies can learn to eat dry dog food. There are only one or two dog food at this time, so the puppy will not choke. When the puppy slowly finds that the dog food is not as soft as before, the puppy’s eating style will change.


Although on the surface it looks like a wolf, the puppies already know how to eat quickly without choking. After a period of time, the puppies will start to reject soft dog food and like to eat dry dog food. So you can change it again at this time, so changing the dry dog food sooner or later has nothing to do with digestion.


3. Don’t try to speed up the growth of your puppies by overfeeding, most of the food will be wasted.

Because excessive food exceeds the puppies’ developing digestive capacity, it will cause the puppies to develop bone pain in the future. In addition, when overweight puppies grow into overweight adult dogs, they may suffer from various diseases. Therefore, it is best to strictly follow the recommended feeding amount on the puppy dog food package.