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How much should I feed my husky puppy

The Husky, one of the three sleigh fools, has a lively and active personality, and is also called the the king of destroyer. A large number of people like Husky’s noisy character and rich expressions, and there is a lot of joy with such a special dog. More and more people choose to breed huskies. So how to feed husky puppies? How much should I feed my husky puppy?

How much dog food to feed your husky?

When feeding husky puppies, what the owners of husky puppy should pay attention to is that you should try your best to cultivate your puppy’s regular and quantitative feeding to keep good eating habits. Husky puppies between 1-3 months old should be fed as much as possible by eating small meals. Four times a day is best and enough for husky puppy.

The recommended time is: 6 am, 12 at noon, 6 pm, 12 at midnight. Huskies can be gradually changed to three meals a day for 4-10 months. Later, it can be reduced to two meals a day. It is worth noting that the husky’s stomach is relatively fragile.

how much should i feed my husky puppy

How much dog food do husky puppies feed? The owner of husky puppies needs to pay special attention to the specific amount, whether it is a half paper cup or a paper cup, it is up to the owner to grasp. How much dog food you feed depends on many factors, such as dog age, dog appetite and dog food density. Different brands of dog food have different densities. So owners should develop your abilities about balancing your husky puppy’s appetite.

Attention of husky puppies

Although you like your huskies very much, what you should pay attention to is that you’d better not let your little husky puppy often eat human leftovers, especially some meals with oil, which are not good for huskies. Because dogs have different nutritional requirements from humans, feeding dogs with human meals will not only take time and effort, but it is also difficult for huskies to get a balanced nutrition, and they are prone to illness.

The dog food is formulated through scientific methods, it is delicious, nutritious, easy to be digested and absorbed, and very convenient to use. According to statistics, dogs who eat dog food for a long time live more than one-third longer than those who do not eat dog food, and the body odor, breath and smell will be much reduced. Therefore, it is recommended to feed husky puppies with dog food.

Do you know how much dog food a husky puppy feeds? At the same time, you’d better be careful not to let husky puppies swallow hard objects, such as ribs, chicken bones, or fish bones, which may scratch the dog’s intestines. You shouldn’t feed milk either. Dogs are lactose intolerant, and drinking too much milk will cause diarrhea.