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How much is a trained Belgian Malinois?

A healthy Belgian Malinois pup costs up to $2500. You should expect that breeders at this price will include vaccinations, microchips, and health checks. Plus, it’s an expensive puppy, and most breeders will ask for a deposit of about $500.
Show quality puppies will be more expensive, costing up to $3000 because of their lineage (more about this later). Although the word “performance quality” gives a mysterious impression, it just means that these puppies meet their breed standards, come from the pedigree that won the show, and are more likely to win in the show. If you’re looking for a pet, focus on a reputable breeder rather than buying a show dog.


Price of Belgian Malinois

If you can’t find a puppy or prefer to adopt an older dog, there are many Malinois shelters in Belgium with dogs waiting for their permanent home. Although each rescue center will charge different fees depending on the age of the dog, it is expected to pay about $350 for an adult Belgian Malinois. It’s a better choice for puppies who don’t have time, energy, untrained, or those who just want to save a dog need a home. There are many benefits to adopting an adult dog. The biggest benefit is that you can immediately understand the dog’s fully developed personality. In addition, some rescue dogs already have pre-established dog etiquette and family training. Of course, there are also some disadvantages to the adoption. The biggest drawback is that you don’t know the full history of the dog, so some dogs may have trauma and need treatment.


The service price of Belgian Malinois

Although originally bred for grazing, the Belgian Malinois is also excellent watchdog and service dogs because of its innate protective instinct. These pups have great energy and are trainable and reliable. You can find some breeders who sell trained protective dogs. The starting price for these dogs is usually around $30000 but may rise depending on the amount of work they are trained to do.