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How much formula should a newborn puppy eat

Many dog owners are the first time to raise a dog, so many of them are inexperienced. Especially when a dog is pregnant and gives birth to a newborn dog, they are at a loss and do not know how to feed. This article briefly explains the how much formula should a newborn puppy eat, hoping to help the owner.

Keep your dog warm

Many families have floors or tiles, and dogs like to lie on the ground. The owner pays attention to putting a cushion on the dog in order to prevent the dog’s belly from contacting the ground for a long time, which is prone to cold and diarrhea. If the dog has not been well, you can feed some probiotics to relieve it. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the dog’s living environment is clean and tidy. The owner should pay attention to regularly cleaning the doghouse, dog pads and the like to prevent bacteria from breeding.

Pay attention to the a newborn puppy’s first milk

Generally, if the dog has enough breast milk, the first bite of milk for a newborn puppy is best to be breast milk. But if the bitch is sick or the milk is insufficient, artificial feeding must choose a safe and nutritious goat milk powder.

How much formula should a newborn puppy eat

Since the pet market is still developing, there are only a handful of goat milk powders for newborn dogs. Most of them are aimed at puppies or adult dogs. The nutrients contained in them are not suitable for newborn dogs. It is well known why pet doctors recommend breast milk (that is, colostrum) to newborn dogs. The reason lies in the colostrum. It is rich in protein and vitamins, and also contains high magnesium salts, antioxidants and enzymes. It has laxative and anti-disease effects, which is conducive to the discharge of meconium; the high acidity of colostrum is conducive to promoting the activities of the digestive tract ; Almost all the nutrients in colostrum can be absorbed, which is extremely beneficial to strengthen the physique of young dogs and facilitate the production of heat and maintain body temperature in newborn dogs.

In the absence of breast milk, the best thing is to choose a goat milk powder that is closest to breast milk. For example, Gudeng’s first stage goat milk powder is designed for newborn dogs. It is specially added with goat colostrum, which is closer to the breast milk formula. In addition, the contained DHA can support the development of the dog’s brain, nerves and eyes. It is the most suitable goat milk powder for newborn dogs.

Pay attention to feeding methods and methods

If your newborn puppy is relatively small and cannot take the initiative to eat, then you can cut the nipple short and leave a 0.5cm position. You’d better feed the nipple slowly from the side of the dog’s mouth.

When feeding Gudeng’s first section of goat milk powder for the first time, it is recommended that the brewing be lighter to give the newborn puppy a gastrointestinal adaptation process. After the dog’s stomach is fully adapted, gradually increase the concentration of goat milk powder until the dog can consume dry dog food completely.