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How much food should we feed to Corgi a day?

Corgi dogs have always been very popular because of their pleasing appearance and gentle temperament. But not every owner is very clear about its feeding level. So what’s Corgi’s daily feed? Let’s have a look.

1. Diet matching standard of a corgi dog

Corgi belongs to typical omnivorous animals and has high requirements for nutrients. When corgi is small, Corgi dogs can be fed milk cakes, canned fruits, freeze-dried, and other delicious food materials, which can make Corgi have a good appetite and increase the number of meals. An adult corgi dog must eat about 1.5% of its body weight every day, and this kind of dog food must be divided into at least two meals. The actual basis is to increase the weight of emotional rest.

In addition, Corgi should not eat high sugar, high-fat ingredients, such as sausage, liver, fat, etc., which will not only cause Corgi to gain weight but also get mild fatty liver, myocardial infarction, and other diseases. However, some of them are likely to become obese due to their high intake of sugar.

2. How to judge if Corgi is full?

To understand how much a day’s diet is suitable for him, the owner can touch his abdominal cavity with both hands after each meal. If Cokey’s abdominal cavity is plump but distended, it means the right amount of food. If the Corgi’s abdominal cavity is too flat or even a little shriveled, it indicates that there is too little appetite to prepare in advance. If the corgi dog’s abdominal cavity is too swollen, it means that the owner has prepared too much food in advance.

3. How to feed the corgi dog healthily?

(1) Setting goals
The Corgi belongs to a small breed, but it has a big appetite. In order to raise cocky dogs, we should first formulate scientific research and an effective diet plan, and then carry out quantitative analysis every day. Regular feeding habits are conducive to the growth and development of puppies.
(2) Effective match
Secondly, according to the development and transformation of Corgi to effectively match the ingredients, young and old corgi dogs should be fed according to the standard of eating less and more meals, which can prevent it from increasing gastrointestinal pressure and causing stomach discomfort. For adults, regular feeding of 1-2 meals per day is enough. Feeding frequency is different for different age groups, from weaning to 2-3 months, 3-4 times a day. 3-6 months, 2-3 times a day, 3 times the best. 7 months – after one-year-old, twice a day, once a day above one year old is OK. We can make it according to the age of koji. After all, Corgi’s age is different, so is his appetite.
(3) Standard of daily food quantity
If you buy dog food in bags, there is usually a feed list on the outer packing box by rest weight, age, and body type. You can feed different grams of dog food according to the rest weight and the number of days. In addition, the feeding amount of different dog food is also different, so it can not be generalized.
(4) Look at the excreta and tell the Cauchy situation
If Corgi’s defecation can be in a strip shape (soft, sometimes drink more water, defecation is soft), it shows that the amount of usage is OK. After a period of time, you can add more points to check. If it is too thin to look like, you need to reduce the amount. The best amount of each use is eight points full, the standard is to lick dry eat clean, can not be leftover.


4. Food contraindications for corgi dogs

(1) Don’t feed too many snacks and fresh fruits
As far as possible, we don’t have to eat snacks and fresh fruits for Corgi. Sweet and cold food is not good for Corgi’s internal gastrointestinal tract. We don’t need to eat protein food often. Usually, dog snacks also need to choose nutrients, not easy to grow fat, dried chicken is a very good choice, but also grinding teeth.
(2) It is not recommended to feed small bones
If Corgi is 6 months old and changes his permanent teeth, he can grind his teeth with big bones of pigs and cattle, but he can’t give calcium and zinc to small bones. If he wants to supplement calcium and zinc, he or she should choose professional pet pregnant calcium tablets or milk powder.
(3) You can’t feed corgi leftovers
The owner can’t give Corgi what he eats, especially the leftover juice. High fried workers and high salt are very easy to cause Corgi to suffer from gastrointestinal diseases and will continue to aggravate hair loss. It is better to choose natural food with low salt and nutrient composition to feed, which can reduce Corgi’s hair loss problem.