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How much food does a Pomeranian eat a day?

How much food does a little pomeranian eat in a day? Let’s have a look together!

1. 3 months old Pomeranian:

Until about three months ago in Pomeranian, we used to feed our little Pomeranian about five or six times a day. Pomeranian dog can eat breast milk or puppy milk powder, late owners can be appropriate to add a small spoonful of dog food, but because Pomeranian teeth are not yet fully developed, so the owner of the dog food with warm water to filter it.


2. 3-6 months old pomeranian:

For three to six months of Pomeranian, we feed the dog about 4-5 times a day, and then we can start to try dry dog food, the right amount of dry dog food can have the effect of grinding teeth.

3. Pomeranian aged 6-12 months:

Between June and the age of one, we fed Pomeranian about three times a day. As an adult, Pomeranian’s body size and appetite are fixed, and it takes about one or two meals a day to satisfy the body’s needs. If the POMERANIAN has additional outdoor activities that require physical exertion, the owner may increase the amount of food consumed. The specific amount of food can be in accordance with the dog’s weight, generally every 1kg body weight of 20 ~ 45g.

4. Pomeranian in old age:

Seven years after birth, Pomeranian begins to enter the old age, the body began to age, in order to prevent the increase of its gastrointestinal burden, at this time the owner can be a regular, quantitative to the dog to feed about 3 meals a day.

Pomeranian intake is not a fixed number of, according to weight, the amount of activity, the breed of dog food, preferences, and so on. Let’s not overfeed or underfeed. Pomeranian did not eat, we can touch its belly, is soft flat down, this time the belly can pull up. Then on the way to eat, we can touch the dog from time to time, until the feeling of his belly become bulging, the skin can not pull up, but elastic and not so hard, it is almost. In general, the adult dog feed 7,8 full, too much will not have time to digest, nausea and vomiting, or lead to Pomeranian overweight, obesity, health problems.


The lactating mother eats not one portion, but the amount she and her child consume, plus the energy expended by breastfeeding. At this point, the owner has to give her more nutrition and start feeding her at twice the normal amount, also need to supplement vitamins, protein, and other substances. The owner can also feed the Pomeranian beef Jerky, Chicken Jerky, etc.  This is OK, can increase Pomeranian’s happiness, but it is worth noting that these snacks are not stapled foods after all, and can not give too much nutrition, feeding too much easy to cause the consequences of not eating staple food, general day to feed a 5 ~ 15g on it.