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How much does a purebred Great Pyrenees cost?

The average purchase price of the Great Pyrenees ranges from $300 to $1500. The price depends on the dog’s lineage, gender, age, and the location and reputation of the breeder. Compared with other varieties, the Great Pyrenees is not expensive. Nevertheless, you should be prepared to pay for a healthy, good dog. You can get it from some famous websites, such as day 2 pets and Lancaster puppies. The club of the Great Pyrenees also has a database of reliable breeders of the Great Pyrenees. If you’re looking for quality puppies nearby, you can check it out. If you don’t want to buy one, you can also get one from the adoption center and the help center. Adoption is usually cheaper than buying, but it’s hard to find a Great Pyrenees, especially a puppy, and often there’s no guarantee of pedigree or registration.

Accessories for the Great Pyrenees

Like all dogs, a Great Pyrenees needs different accessories to ensure a good quality of life. The main ones are food and water bowls, belts and collars, and toys. Regular food and water bowls are available for $5. But there are also special features, such as the harmony elevated dog bowl double dining car, which costs about $35. The Great Pyrenees is not a truly active breed. It doesn’t need a lot of training accessories, so simple chewing toys and dog balls are enough. The usual problem with chewing toys is that because of the size of the Great Pyrenees, it can easily be destroyed. The toys recommended for this breed are Hong Kong Classic dog toys. This is a very durable chewing toy that can prevent your pet from getting bored. The price is about $3.72 to $10.99, depending on the size. Because the Great Pyrenees is big and strong, it needs a durable belt and collar. Cesar Milano, a world-famous Dog Whisperer, has designed a leading sheep collar, greatly simplifying training and walking the dog. This is useful for large varieties like the Pyrenees, which are difficult to train. The disadvantage is that it costs $45, but other high-quality options can be around $20 to $40.

Shelter in the Great Pyrenees

Your shelter in the Great Pyrenees is vital to its health. It needs bedding for sleeping at home and crates for travel. The Great Pyrenees requires at least one XXL bedding (48 “x 30”) and a huge crate (48 “x 32” x 35 “).
High-quality XXL size dog bedding can be purchased between $30 and $85. They come in different shapes and sizes. It depends on which one you think will make your pet most comfortable.


What does the price of the Pyrenees include?

Sales contract – this is a legally binding agreement between the breeder and the buyer. It should contain certain conditions that all those involved in the transaction agree to.
Medical records – contains detailed information about the history and current medical condition of the Great Pyrenees. These should also contain information about possible genetic health problems with the breed. These are important because the Great Pyrenees is prone to inherited hip dysplasia, some eye problems and heart disease.
Proof of pedigree – this is your Great Pyrenees pedigree. It contains genetic information from previous generations of the Great Pyrenees.
Other freebies – some breeders or rescue shelters include free gifts when you receive your mount Pyrenees. This may include things like packs of dog food or accessories (such as food and water bowls, belts and collars, etc.).