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How much does a mountain cur dog cost?

How much does mountain cur cost? The price of mountain cur is related to its age, color, size and health status. Mountain cur is a strong and agile medium-sized tree dog. The body of a mountain cur is square or slightly longer than its height. The legs are long enough to allow the mountain cur to move quickly and flexibly in rugged terrain. The head is broad with moderate pause, and the muzzle is slightly shorter than the length of skull. The ears stand high. The tail is straight, put down, and may be a natural Bob. The hair is dense, but it fits well. Mountain cur should be evaluated as a working dog. Exaggeration or mistake should be punished proportionally. Mountain cur has excellent working ability.

Mountain cur is smart, easy to train, neither vicious nor shy. As we all know, mountain cur always try to please their host. However, they are not playable dogs. Historically, many dogs have sacrificed to protect their families from attackers or dangerous predators. Mountain cur is born for work. If you are deprived of hunting, guarding or working around the farm, mountain cur will become anxious and boring. When they have work to do, these dogs are usually happy and obedient, and can get along well with children and other pets.

How much does a mountain cur cost?

A mountain cur costs about $500 or more, depending on where you buy it from. Take time to find a reputable breeder and avoid backyard breeders, dog mills or pet shops. If you find a top breeder, you can expect to pay about 1000 yuan, maybe two. If you don’t have to have a purebred, there are shelters and rescues, you can also have a look. There are a lot of dogs, many of them mixed race or adult, who need a new home and a caring owner, and the cost often ranges from $50 to $400.

The cost of health examination for mountain cur

After you buy mountain cur, you need to pay for the initial health check. You need to check, test blood, worm, slice, castrate or spray, vaccinate, and so on. The cost is about 290 dollars. In addition, Mount cur also needs some things, such as carriers, collars and belts, bedding, bowls, crates and so on, for a total of about $235.

Daily costs of mountain cur

Once you are a full-time owner of mountain cur, you will need to have the financial resources to take care of the daily needs of mountain cur, such as food, health, toys, etc. The cost of basic health care, such as pet insurance, vaccination, physical examination, flea and tick prevention, is about $485 per year. A mountain cur’s high-quality food and hospitality costs another $250 a year. Other miscellaneous costs for mountain cur, such as basic training, licenses, toys and miscellaneous items, will be another $265 a year. This means an estimated cost of $1000 per year.

The cost of pure Mountaion cur is different

You know, a mountain cur can go from $300 to $600. But if you’re going to get your Coyote from a reputable breeder, you can expect to pay $3500 for a puppy! Mountain cur has been a family keeper of these mountain curs for 25 years. They raise and produce high quality Bobcats from their parents who have won different competitions. A deposit of $50 is required to book a mountain cur puppy.

Mount cur adoption or rescue costs

If you don’t mind taking an old mountain cur home, you can also choose to adopt a mountain cur. It may cost you about $300 to pay for your pre adoption expenses. You should look for a mountain cur with the following features and features. Mountain cur has bright, clear eyes and ears and a healthy coat. Mountain cur approaches you without fear. Mount cur allows handling and handling without objection. Mountain cur wants to interact and play. Mountain cur is a good way to interact with small partners. Generally speaking, the price of coyotes raised by breeders ranges from $300 to $500. However, there are many factors that can affect the price of a puppy. Bloodline, registration and bloodline, gender, color, size and local demand all contribute to price volatility. Many people find that another pleasant option is to adopt a half breed. A popular variety combination is the mountain cur lab combination. If that sounds like something you’d like to think about, you can consult your local breeder. Buy a Mountain cur.
Although the cost of mountain cur varies, it is a great responsibility to take care of a vulnerable dog. If you want to buy a mountain cur, you have to consider a variety of factors.